A Cultural Question For All 18 To 21 Year Old Americans.?

Being outside the USA at 18 we all can legally drink and purchase alcohol in bars, pubs, clubs, casinos, restaurants, cafes, live concerts, raves, dance party’s, sporting venues and on airplanes, cruise ships and trains etc.
Also we can legally gamble at casinos, gaming clubs and bars, also punt on horse and dog races and sports bets and buy lottery tickets.
As we can work in these industries, while we are going to university or globally traveling and backpacking in foreign countries.
Since the USA is the only free society country in the world, which has 21 year old drinking and gaming laws.
All 18-21 year old global tourists immediately loose these freedoms once the enter to the USA.
So I’m wondering, what alternative dose the USA offer 18-21 year old Americans and global tourist venue wise, since they can’t legally purchase alcohol, drink or gamble ?
Also do, 18-21 year old Americans work in these alcohol serving and gaming industries. To gain work experience to go global traveling, and obtain employment in a foreign country ?


  1. Andrew Allison Adams wrote
    at 20:14 - 1st Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    In most of Canada the drinking age is 19

  2. charlie_? wrote
    at 2:26 - 2nd Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    you can still party if you go to any college campus. it’s simply ‚understood’

  3. stanza wrote
    at 3:22 - 2nd Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Get a fake ID bro.

  4. Joe S wrote
    at 6:41 - 2nd Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    This is NOT something that comes up. WE know our govt WANTS us to be able to drink since military personnel can drink federally at 18, and we have friends and there is ALWAYS a party somewhere … you just dont drink at bars where a drink costs as much as a 1/5th at Rite Aid. Bring the alcohol back to the house or the dorm and no worries. The cops cant see inside our houses …. yet!
    I live near a bunch of casinos and I’m pretty sure the gambling age is 18 because that is federally controlled since they are run by the Indians. I just don’t gamble.
    If you find the need to drink in a bar just get an ID in Los Angeles for $100.
    Just b/c the laws exist doesn’t mean that they are always enforced and definitely does NOT mean that everyone follows them. Somebody has to break a few laws or we wouldn’t be „kids”.
    I AM

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