Any Quick Money Saving Tips?

What do you guys do to save money? It can be a small or big saving
1.Newspaper. My local Ladbrokes bookmaker gives away The Sun.Saves me ?1.55 a week
2.Pens. Also from Ladbrokes, lol
3.I have a NUS student card I use even though am not a student now lol
4.I always use jiffy bags ive received goods in
5.I place a bottle of tap water in the freezer before i drink it on the bus to work cos before i was paying for bottled water. ?1.25 a week saved
6.Always cut freebies out the newspaper or magazines :)
7.I make my own drinks everyday with my Jack Lalanne rather than pay the shops prices.
8.I always ring friends and hang up so they phone back
9.Always try not to get a round in at the pub
10.Condoms free from Health Promotion
11.Bought hair clippers rather than going to barber
12.When i go 2 a fast food joint, i throw lots of sauches in my food bag
Lots of others things i do. Some are just plain mean and nasty lol


  1. T. wrote
    at 10:51 - 9th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Always take my own packed lunch
    Shop from the reduced shelf near closing times at supermarkets.
    Turn the heating off before we go to bed and don’t put it on til we come in from work.
    I do lots of what you do too…good innit?!

  2. Athene17 wrote
    at 14:59 - 9th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    1. Cycle everywhere. It’s cheaper than bus or car, plus it’s green and it keeps you fit.
    2. Use swapping sites like to get rid of stuff you’ve already watched/read/played and get new things in return.
    3. If you shop online sign up with an incentive scheme like 3,000 points = ?20. You can get a few of these without actually buying anything. Receiving mail and clicking the links is about 5 points a go.

  3. Phantom6 wrote
    at 20:02 - 9th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Typical Scotsman… can’t fault you though!

  4. Papa Thomas wrote
    at 1:15 - 10th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Trek to work rather than than taking the bus.
    Get a lover who pays all the bills.

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