Are Cheerleaders Revengeful? I Lost A Bet To A Cheerleader At My School What Will She Make Me Do For It Now?

I lost a bet to cheerleaders at my school. I said girls can’t beat guys in sports and cheerleading isn’t a sport. We bet if I beat a cheerleader in basketball she had to be my maid all year, but if she beat me, she gets to make me cheer any way she wants.
I lost in basketball to a cheerleader named Cathy. Will she just forget or what do you think she’ll make me do for losing the bet?
We only have girls cheer here and the uniforms are little red and white outfits with tiny skirts!


  1. Ridin The Storm Out wrote
    at 15:30 - 10th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    You’ve got SPIRIT, yes you do-
    Wave them pom poms- To the team be true!
    Cheerleaders are not veneful- Just like to CHEER-
    Make it fun for YOU- Make it ur favorite YEAR!!!
    You will have fun with this one- Go for it- Man, we did this in High School, and we had a BLAST, as did the guys! We still LOL about that, many many years ago!!!!

  2. shenango valley gal wrote
    at 20:46 - 10th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    if only you would shut your mouth when it comes to making a do-what-i-want wager, you wouldnt have this mess. ive told you time and time again, wager for money only.
    now as for cathy, she might forget what the deal was over the summer unless shes with your sister, making you into a female.
    just wear the freaking skirt and stop you whining. you should wear the outfit at least once during a game to make her happy then go on with your normal merry life.

  3. Chyeah, Odg. wrote
    at 23:45 - 10th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Of course not all cheerleaders are revengeful. Don’t generlize people.

  4. *october girl* wrote
    at 1:14 - 11th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    You’re looking at dressing up in her outfit at Homecoming Game. It’s happened at my high school. The guy got some of his friends to do it too and everyone thought it was cool and the revenge lost its vengeful sting.

  5. cheri h wrote
    at 5:54 - 11th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    be ready to really rah rah!!!!! I was a cheerleader and I would have you jumping through hoops for a long time

  6. Katarina A. wrote
    at 7:38 - 11th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    trust me your bet is worst than what you have to do. If you think it’s embarrasing don’t think of it that way. It depends on how you do it. if you sound like you hate it, the cheerleaders will think „YAY! WE WIN!!! THIS IS SO FUN!!” or something of that line.. if you do it like your having fun and everything they’ll probably think „what kind of punishment is this?? she’s not hating it!!” Just sorta pretend your having fun. And I think Cathy probably wont forget it. Cause i know some people on my team say, if you dis them, they will for sure to get you back. I would probably just forget it.. but thats just me..

  7. ?M?fi? Girl? wrote
    at 11:45 - 11th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Just be nice to her when you see her. Be cool and friendly and a sport. Not all are bad.

  8. Tacja wrote
    at 17:57 - 11th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Lucky kid then.
    Both ways you win right?

  9. Vanessa * wrote
    at 0:56 - 12th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    I say go wear that cheerleader uniform like no one else has ever worn it before! Rock it out man! Love it, be it!

  10. pepgurli wrote
    at 1:58 - 12th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Maby there was a different meaning behind it, but ya she might try to embarass you in some way. Its sounds like this girl is a sideline cheerleader and by the way sideline cheerleading doesn’t fall under the sports catagory but a competition squad does. I’m also a cheerleader.

  11. matt wrote
    at 2:13 - 12th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    they would make u cheer u doubt in it

  12. LOVE_YA wrote
    at 8:07 - 12th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    you deserve it

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