Are There Any Good Ncaa Football Betting Systems Out There?

I use a baseball betting system that has made me a lot of money this year that I reccomend to everyone,
However, they don’t offer Football. Does anybody know of a good Football Betting System for NCAA or NFL?


  1. P?tsie wrote
    at 18:23 - 4th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Yeah, it’s called Florida – and over every week.

  2. Dr. Feelgood wrote
    at 21:47 - 4th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    dont know any college, but these two have held up for the past twenty years i have followed em…
    week one NFL Bet on the favorite with the highest spread on opening day. This year there are two, not sure what to do when there is more than one. I would split the wager among the same spreads.
    Week 2,3, and 4. Bet against (Pittsburgh) the past year’s superbowl winner in each of the three weeks.
    these systems will get you through the first 4 weeks. They are solid 58-60% winners. Of course, it may take more than two seasons to make it payoff…but any wager that beats the 52% requirement to win, is worthy. There are no sure bets, but you can establish good trends that last over a long period. Discipline is the key. You will find, most systems defy normal gamblers logic??? But, that is why they succeed, as they eliminate the publics conception of a winning wager.
    Finally, when a system gets too strong, vegas knows it, also, and makes the proper adjustment… no system is permanent…
    The difficulty is knowing when it has been exhaused.
    OK, i know…55-60% winners seem so small….and, you want the 70-90% the scammers tell (sell) you about. Well, they are selling you a scam. If I, or anyone out there had a 75% sure system, they would not advertise it…but use it for themselves. If they are so good, why do they need to advertise, year in and year out….Look at the ads…do you really think Vegas would exist if these guys were any good….
    The reall funny part is when these Scamdi-cappers get you a deal at a casino…haha, that is, free-bies, extras, if you subscribe to their service…or deposit x amount of dollars in their casino, they will provide free picks. How incredibly insane does that sound? It is, if they were winners, but they are not.
    Finally, are you saying these links gave you a system? what is it? Or, did you pay them for information they told you is a system? that is quite different. IF you are so inclined to confuse the two, you should not gamble.

  3. TheDover wrote
    at 23:01 - 4th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Try Free Football Picks. they have a good track record and the picks are free. The record is on the site and posted for you to see.
    Good luck, glad Ace did well for you, there are a few folks who might disagree.

  4. homes_az wrote
    at 5:58 - 5th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Try Oddsmaker, That is where I bet NCAA

  5. Mrs. BonBon wrote
    at 10:36 - 5th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    4 system plays this week are Miss St, SMU, UCLA, Tulane
    but just cus its a System play doesn’t mean its full proof!
    Anyone who tells you differently is BS ing you!!!!!!
    Good Luck~

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