Can Anyone Tell Me The Phone Number For Coral Bookmakers In Cowdenbeath Fife?

0800440011 is their National number.
They do not give out, and you will not have listed individual Offices.
Try whatever you may, you will not get through!!!!!!!!


  1. loanshar wrote
    at 23:58 - 8th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    Loanshark is correct.
    You cannot get an indivisual number for the shop.
    You can only contact them through the Nationation 0800 number.

  2. Huw wrote
    at 6:24 - 9th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink
    They give a # to call and locate one near you, I am in the US so I have no idea if this is a toll free number…LOL! But there are links on the site I gave you… good luck!

  3. go4gin19 wrote
    at 12:45 - 9th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    in short no. i work for coral and we don’t give our numbers out because we end up getting loads of calls asking for results and other stupid sh*t when we’re busy. you could call the customer care department or email me

  4. ? wrote
    at 17:03 - 9th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    In the UK their number is 0800 440011 and can be reached 24/7. Outside the UK the phone number is 0044 1483 771411 and the fax number for them is 01483 747 097. Good Luck and God Bless!!!!!

  5. itsjustme (formerly kycatfan) wrote
    at 19:15 - 9th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    You shouldn’t encourage the breeding of animals for your entertainment. At least 60 horses a year die in horse racing so think again, if you have a brain!!

  6. ryanmaxe wrote
    at 0:33 - 10th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    According to Google and the Yellow Pages there isn’t one….
    …and I quote….
    19 results for „bookmaker”
    No results in Cowdenbeath so your search has widened to Fife
    here’s the yellow pages link….
    so unless it’s literally JUST opened up there are no references at all to it.
    unfortunately, as I am at work, the Coral official site is banned but by all means try and you will see a store locator there including phone numbers of their branches.

  7. ?Loopy Lass?? wrote
    at 1:32 - 10th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    Clarkes Bookmakers
    107a Main Street Crossgates , Cowdenbeath, KY4 8DA
    Tel: 01383-515616
    They can maybe help?
    This is the exact address
    241/243 High Street
    KY4 9NF
    Maybe 118118 can help you?

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