Can I Get Into Trouble In The Uk For Subversive Comments On A Chinese Forum? And Can Anyone Recommend One?

The chinese government regularly „patrols” its internet sites to make sure that users do not promote Gambling, Superstition, or make comments against the government.
I am a pretty vehement supporter of free speech, and also feel I could derive a considerable amount of enjoyment from saying just these things. But would I get into trouble?


  1. Friendly wrote
    at 13:40 - 27th Październik 2009 Permalink

    No you couldn’t.I really dont think the chinese would go into alot of effort in trying to extradite you for freedom of speech. The one thing I would say is a free world.
    Supress the Supressors. Like they say knowledge is POWER

  2. Will wrote
    at 14:40 - 27th Październik 2009 Permalink

    No – you ARE in the UK.

  3. David wrote
    at 18:14 - 27th Październik 2009 Permalink

    Not here in the UK.
    Issues COULD arise though if ever you want to travel to China. Also there could be issued if you were to communicate DIRECTLY with a Chinese person. If you were to e-mail them direct and give sites and info, but it would be THEM in trouble not you.
    The internet going into China is also VERY HEAVILY watched so most of this stuff does not get through in the first place.

  4. Anonim wrote
    at 19:27 - 27th Październik 2009 Permalink

    not unless you travel to china in the future

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