Canadian Working And Living In Usa?

I currently live in Canada and I gamble on sports for a living Online, and have been doing so for the past two years. I used the term work because for me it is like any other job, I am usually consumed for the majority of the day earning my money as opposed to sitting around, and it is my sole income.
I’ve saved enough money and would like to move to Las Vegas, and continue to make my living the same way, but betting with Las Vegas Sportsbooks as opposed to Online.
Is this possible to do? I know over time I would have to end up becoming a US Citizen, which is fine, but would this line of work be acceptable for visas, work permits, etc? I know that moving to the US is a hard thing to do, and usually requires that you have already secured a job where you intend to live.
Any information would be helpful.



  1. Fred S wrote
    at 21:14 - 25th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Under the immigration law, the term „residence” means the place of general abode; the place of general abode of a person means his principal, actual dwelling place in fact, without regard to intent. You sound like you want to make Las Vegas your permanent residence. That would call for an immigrant visa.
    The word „employment” is a common one and is to be received as understood in common parlance and includes the act of being employed for one’s self. You would be self employed in the U.S. That would call for an immigrant visa.
    Many people become permanent residents (get a green card) through family members. Approximately 140,000 immigrant visas are available each fiscal year for aliens (and their spouses and children) who seek to immigrate based on their job skills. Those are the two basic ways an alien becomes a permanent resident (immigrant), and both methods involve a petitioning process.
    In the absence of a petitioner, it does not appear that you qualify for resident status in the U.S.

  2. Lilly wrote
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    you wouldnt qualify for any visa orwork permit and you cant just come to the US and say you want to be a Citizen.
    But since what you do is gamble I wonder if it would be legal for you to just come to the US for your maximum 6 months visit and gamble the whole time and go home?
    Since Canadians go to Vegas to gamble all the time that would be what you would essentially be doing I suppose.
    That may be an option for you but you would have to check and see if that is legal.

  3. tigris wrote
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    Unless you get an investor visa and create new jobs there is no visa category for self-employed people in the US. Your job doesn’t qualify. Unfortunately you can’t even apply for the greencard lottery.

  4. NextRigh wrote
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    If the company is a genuine Canadian Company with Canadian owners and the
    employees are employees producing the product in Canada then NO paper visa
    is required for „any” employee to got to the US to supply, install or update
    a computer program or a stationary engine or any other piece of equipment or
    system that is not part of the building construction industry.
    For as long as the ORIGINAL WARRANTY period, any Canadian employee can go to
    the US to look after the program, the machine or system while under the
    original warranty. No extensions of the original warranty apply.
    Any employee going south to work on the project should carry a copy of the
    original contract, sales agreement and warranty with them. They will be
    admitted to the USA under a B-1 Business Visitor status. Goto
    and read the „Entering the USA” section – in box on right hand side.
    2.If the Canadian Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of an American
    company, the employees going the US should likely have an L1, H1, H2 or TN
    I will admit that 19 times out of 20, or even 99 out of 100, a Canadian
    Employee of a wholly owned subsidiary would also get into the USA under B
    status and it might even be legal. However, if looked at closely, the
    Homeland Security agent would likely look at it as a violation of the intent
    and not allow the Canadian into the USA.
    I would be interested in the opinion of any others at this point. Always
    ready to admit that I can learn something.

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