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A Level Law, Scenario Causation Matter. Would Defendant Be Convicted Of Murder?

Albert stabs victoria with a stiletto heel. There is strong evidence that victoria would have lived but for the ambulance crew taking a 20 minute detour to the bookmakers to pick up a large win on the horses.
Im not considering mens rea or anything in this question its just whether or not the ambulance thing broke the chain of causation. Also i have to consider the legal principles of R v Smith and R v Jordan

Benitez „expected To Leave” Liverpool By Sunday – What Do You Make Of This?

- Rafael Benitez’s future as manager of Liverpool looks more uncertain than ever after leading bookmakers suspended all bets on him leaving the club. Rupert Adams, a spokesman for William Hill, added: „We would be very surprised if Rafa is still the Liverpool boss by midnight on Sunday.”
If this is true, I am not happy. Personally I cannot understand why some fans want him out. We have also reached the semis of the Champions League three times in 4 years. It seems they want overnight success. Can’t they see that we are steadily improving in the league year by year? This season we have done much better than expected which is a huge step in the right direction and I, for one, think we should be sticking with him.

How Is This Cv For It Industy?

I am fresh out of college and don’t have any hands on experiencing although I have enough technical knowledge. Im going for entry level IT Technician jobs . Ive obviously left out personal details.
Any advice as im unsure of the format for the industry
Here it is :
I am an outgoing and an enthusiastic young person looking to develop a career in the IT industry. I particularly enjoy working as part of a team although I show good initiative when working alone. I am flexible and reliable on my approach to work and have a pleasant and easy gong personality
Education and Qualifications
Sep06 ? June 08: South Kent College
BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners (M,M,P)
June 08: CompTIA Network+ Certification (Pending)
1994-1994: Astor College for the Arts
GCSEs included: English ( C,C)
Information Systems (C)
? Competency in installing and configuring services such as DNS, DHCP and Active Directory (Windows server 2000/ 2003)
? Experience in PC building and hardware building/maintenance/upgrade
? Good Knowledge of TCP/IP based networks and LAN topology (Both physical and logical)
? Knowledge of WAN technologies including: Remote Access, ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay, etc.
? Basic programming skills (,HTML)
? Positive interpersonal and communication skills, able to communicate technical issues to non technical people
? Customer support experience
? Good Task management and organizational skills ? can prioritize tasks in order of importance
Work Experience
Amanda?s Guest house – Administration assistant
I assist with the day to day running of a larger family owned guesthouse. My duties include liasing with customers and taking booking over the phone. We are currently in the process of developing a website that I will administrate and update periodically. Other duties include constructing the tenancy agreements for the long term tenants
William Hill Bookmakers ? Cashier/Customer assistant
Main duties were to include taking bets from customers and then processing them with a computerized system. I also had to cash up till registers, managing my takings and work independently. On occasion I took on the role as assistant manager if other staff where not available
P&O Ferries ? Steward
While onboard the cross channel ferries I worked in departments such as the duty free shop, bars, and restaurants. Occasionally I also took on the role as a security officer
Additional Information
I am a computer enthusiast and regularly have my computer in pieces upgrading and tuning it. I have also set up a small client/server network at home so I can practice network administration. I also enjoy keeping up with current affairs by reading the news, playing guitar and cooking

Who Do You Think Will Win The Zimbabwean Election? I Know It Will Be A Close Run Thing Between Mugabe, Mugabe?

and Mugabe. A lot of the bookmakers have Mugabe as favourite but personally my money is on Mugabe with Mugabe as a close 2nd just beating Mugabe into 3rd place. It will be a real cliff hanger but what do you think?

Pro Gambler But Need Help…?

I have gambled for a living for about 4+ years now, mixing sports gambling, Horses and mainly poker (99% online).
Grew up in a ‚gambling’ family (i.e my Dad owned Horses and I followed racing from a young age) I also managed a Bookmakers for 5years before I went ‚solo’.
Anyway, the question… I am making great money from what I am doing (profit usually ranges from 1-4k a month) with the odd ‚big’ win (21k in a multi my biggest) and obviously have the odd month that goes a bit wrong BUT I would make ALOT lot more if I could stay away from Online Casinos etc which I just can’t seem to do!?
As soon as the odds are not in my favour, it is a disaster, have seen myself blow thousands on Roulette,Slots etc..(have lost 12k and 7k each in one night) but keep going back for more punishment.
I love poker but now I view it as my job so disipline is easy but when I can’t sleep and not in the ‚zone’ for poker I turn these Casinos on and blow loads….

Rafa Benitez Sacked…..?

Rumours abound on the internet that Rafa Benitez could be set to quit as Liverpool manager.
A number of bookmakers are believed to have already suspended betting on the next Premier League manager to go in light of the whispers coming out of Merseyside.
With reports of limited funds and the departure of star midfielder Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid, poor Rafa would certainly have reason to be disgruntled.
But it would still be a huge surprise to see the Spaniard depart the Reds, whom he has steered to Champions League and FA Cup glory since taking up the reins in June 2004.
What do you think?
i thinks thats bullshit.

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Question To Republicans About Obama?

I keep seeing people write that McCain will wipe the floor with Obama and that McCain is certain to win.
Are there any people out there who realise that it will be difficult for McCain to win. Are there any out there who think it is almost impossible.
I know that republicans want him to win and hope he will but all reports showing Obama will win by aroudn 100 votes even if they are wrong its unlikely they will be that wrong.
Las Vegas is giving crazy odd on McCain winning and hardly taking bets on Obama at this stage.
Bookmakers in Europe have started to pay out on Obama winning, thats right they are already paying their own money.

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What Should The Odds Be For New England To Win The Super Bowl This Season?

I was checking The Super Bowl odds for this year on line and New England is 1/3. That’s not 3/1 that 1/3. That means if you bet 300 and they win The Super Bowl you get back back your 300 plus another 100. If they lose you say goodbye to your 300. That’s not much reward for your risk. Even die-hard Patriots’ fans are going to cringe at that bet.
I added up all of the odds and I averaged them out and the bookmakers give the Patriots a 74% chance of winning the Super Bowl. The Cowboys are second at 7%. That seems way too high even for the Pats. They’ll have to win 3 playoff games against the best of the rest.
What do you think the chances are (in percentage please) that the Patriots will win The Super Bowl this season? My odds would be:
40% – New England Patriots
25% – Dallas Cowboys
15% – Indianapolis
10% – Green Bay
10% – Anybody else

I Have Just Made New Website And I Need Your Oppinion About It !?

Ok, i have spend like 3 months to put together this site, that’s lot’s of work. I want you just to take a look and tell me what you like, what you don’t . Just be honest and tell what you really think ? I also want to get on first page on google and i accept advices about SEO. For now I have submitted the site in many sites, lot’s of social networks, but still it’s not good ranked.
Also, Don’t post any paid advertises and SEO servises because I don’t have any extra money now. I have to do it all by myself.
It’s a site for online bookmakers review and i sill make some changes.
here is the address :

My Sister Is Being Forced To Go To Court And Is Potentially Risking Her Life!!!?

Me and my sister work in a bookmakers. About 6 months ago there was a gang of lads who were laundering money in our shop. They are seriously dangerous and are well known around my area.
The courts have said that my sister has to go and testify against them. Over the past 2 weeks she has been getting threats of this gang threatening to kill her and our family (they are serious!!!). She has spoken to the courts who have said that regardless of the threats, she has to go!
What can she do??