Do Huge Betting Odds Like In The Movie Dodgeball Really Exist?

Remember when Average Joe’s gym is going 50 to 1 and Vince puts the 50 gs on the game. Is that really possible or is it all again just in the movies? Lol. Good question, huh. Thanks for your answers people.


  1. Link_The wrote
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    You wont really find a 50-1 in lets say one of the major sports…let me go into more detail…
    If you are betting on the Super Bowl the Colts are favorited by 7 points. If you bet 100 bucks on the Colts to win and they win by 8 points or more then you will win back about 190. Almost double your money because of the fees.
    Lets say you think the Colts will win, but dont want to risk the 7 points, maybe you think it will be a closer game, and come down to a field goal, thus lets say winning by 3. Well you can bet the Colts strait-up just to WIN. So all they have to do is win and you win. But your 100 will only win you back 140. You are only up 40 bucks and risking 100.
    Now lets flip to the bears, samething on the points, meaning if you bet they will either win OR LOSE by 6 or less points then you will almost double your money. If you bet them to ACTUALLY WIN, it will pay back $280 on a $100 bet because they are the underdog….so basically NOT 50-1 even with a really bad underdog in major sports it never pays 50-1…
    With that being said…. If you were to put money on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to win the world series next year it pays 5000-1. Since they most likely wont make the playoffs, not a good bet even with those odds.
    Also If you were to say in the Super Bowl that not only will the Bears WIN but they will win by more than 21 points – that pays 20-1….not bad for one game, but unlikely.
    Although if you remember the National Championship game the Gators were 25-1 to win by MORE than 21 points and they did it!
    So one 1 game, it is very unlikely to get 50-1 odds, but before the season starts if you pick the champion and it isnt a favorite you could get better than 50-1.
    Hope this helped, if you have any more questions add some details and I will answer them.

  2. misspipi wrote
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    o’mally no show……….”the gauntlet”

  3. jerry wrote
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  4. Bigsky_5 wrote
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    Generally no, not on a single game, but every once in a while I’ve seen big odds on boxing matches. When Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson he was a 32-1 underdog. I’ve also seen matches where it was such a foregone conclusion that sports books wouldn’t even take a bet, at any odds. I’ve laid bets at 50-1 or greater that a certain team will win the Super Bowl or World Series, but you have to make those bets before the season starts, and you only get odds like that for teams like the AZ Cardinals. But my sister laid $20 on the Suns to win the NBA championship this year at 40-1, and they’re kicking butt.

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