Do You Think I Can Get Into Arizona State?

im a senior this year. i have a 2.9 gpa, 18 act (i am retaking.. i didnt study before.. i bet i can get it up to maybe a 20). 3 years of varsity sports (track and field). 2 years JV rugby. a year of jv baseball. freshman basketball. Eagle Scout. a citizen ship award from my school. 2 academic awards in science and preforming arts, and have taken mandarin for 6 years.


  1. Princess Baughan wrote
    at 1:44 - 20th Luty 2010 Permalink

    I can tell you that my step sister didn’t make it in. My step sister was given a letter of a recommendation to go to a community college first. I actually recommend you going to a community college first and take all the classes you can for your major that can be transferred to the college. That way you will be saving yourself alot of money. It really did help my friend save alot of money. You will then have alot more money to pay off your loans faster.

  2. JohnnyB wrote
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    Probably. It isn’t very selective.

  3. name wrote
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  4. smileeeee ;) wrote
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    uh 95% of people get in. hopefully your not the 5% that don’t. but get your gpa up to a 3.0

  5. Amaretta wrote
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