English Premier League – Do You Think It’s Totally Rigged?

that all the results are set by bookmakers?


  1. Your Twisting my Melon Man!!! wrote
    at 1:38 - 6th Październik 2009 Permalink

    Nah, It’s not the Italian league!

  2. Jobin wrote
    at 8:38 - 6th Październik 2009 Permalink

    English PreMier League which is the most viewed football tournament in the world

  3. KeeganHu wrote
    at 14:06 - 6th Październik 2009 Permalink

    How Can It Be Rigged
    The Bookmakers Dont Set The Results
    They Cant Say Hull City Win 50 Against Man U And It Too Hapen
    What Are You Talking About ?
    The Fixtures Wich You Mite Be Meant To Be Talking About
    Cant Be Fixed Either They Just Put Teams Too A Match And Everyone Has To Play Everyone Twice So If Its Rigged
    Please Share Some Light And Make Flipping Sence

  4. Jr.Win wrote
    at 17:34 - 6th Październik 2009 Permalink

    So breaking the leg and all the dangerous injuries are set by bookmakers??? is that a part of the play or what?? Also, do you really think world class players come to epl just to play the fixed games??

  5. Game got more fierce wrote
    at 17:46 - 6th Październik 2009 Permalink

    No. But it is rigged in the sense that whilst the top four get richer and richer the rest drift further and further into mediocrity (unless they have a sugar daddy of course – Man City).

  6. UC Blues Pirating Again wrote
    at 18:45 - 6th Październik 2009 Permalink

    Of course
    Man never landed on the moon
    Certain people on Earth are Aliens
    Elvis Presley is alive
    Michael Jackson is alive
    Princess Diana is alive
    Yeh right

  7. LFC YNWA wrote
    at 20:52 - 6th Październik 2009 Permalink

    well its obviosly goin to be rigged with man utd and bacon face ferguson in it payin refs a couple of a grand a game

  8. parkhead (bhoy) wrote
    at 23:19 - 6th Październik 2009 Permalink

    aye its all fixed all fake scottish league is real

  9. Richard wrote
    at 1:20 - 7th Październik 2009 Permalink

    half of man utd matches at old trafford are.

  10. David wrote
    at 11:16 - 25th Marzec 2012 Permalink

    It is in the sense of making sure certain teams remain top.Sky,Tabloid Media & the sponsers make sure that the FA protect who Sky & the sponsers want to reach the top.This is done through the refs & linesmen decisions.The usual formula is to give the favourable team penalties,as many free kicks whenever possible & added extra time if they look in control or likely to score.In contrast the losing team will be penalized in any 50-50 challenges,a key player red carded & any goals disallowed through offside,pushing in box etc etc.Now Sky is in football it’s unlikely to change.

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