Gambling Online Is Illegal In Usa. But If I Play And Win Abroad, I Have The Right To Spend The Money In Usa ?

Sometimes I play poker and sports betting on the internet, from Paris ( I live in France).
I lose, I win, it depends…But yes, I had some good opportunities to earn big money ( more than $3000 in one night)
Have I the right to spend it in the USA ?
For example, for real estate ?


  1. Melissa H wrote
    at 8:19 - 27th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    yes you should. the money you win off the internet, they don’t know if you won it off gambling or not. it’s just like saying that i won 3000 dollars in poker and going to sonewhere else to buy things. people don’t understand that money from a different country isn’t money from the United States. Whatever you win should be allowed to use in the US.

  2. Conan wrote
    at 14:07 - 27th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    Hahahahahaha Bush welcomes you ;-)
    He’ll might make you pay Tax on those gains ;-)

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