Has Anyone Ever Used John Morrison’s Sport Betting System? Does It Work?

I found a sports betting system and i was curious if anyone had used it and if it works. The guy claims to have a winning record of 97% of his bets. Seems crazy and i was wondering if anyone had used this and if you found that it works?


  1. Vegas Matt wrote
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    Someone on a forum described his system once, and he does NOT win 97% of his bets. He uses some arbitrary statistic to pick games, then runs a negative progression (increases bets when he loses), and claims each progression as one „bet” (even though it might be several). The particular sample of results that was shown where he was claiming he won a bunch of money was actually a LOSER because of the size of the bets he lost when the progression busted out. So yeah, gigantic waste of money.
    If you’re going to pay for picks, you need to find an established handicapper with at least a few years of records showing they are consistent winners in the sport you want to bet on. There are a couple of third party companies out there who keep track of how well online handicappers have done in the past, so you should seek then out a pick a handicapper based on past results.
    And whatever you do, don’t make bets based on what people who give out „free” picks say. They have no motive to make the correct picks (since most of them don’t even place actual bets), and no way of tracking whether or not they’re telling the truth about their success.

  2. Mrs. BonBon wrote
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    its 3 game chase systems in the NBA or MLB
    if you dont mind chasing 3 games to win 1 series – its ok I suppose – but if you lose 1 three game series – especially in baseball it wipes out your profit from as many as 10 to 15 one unit wins!
    Morrison is a copy cat – the original system was sold on ebay about 3+ years ago and he was the one that marketed it to the masses!
    no one can win 97% on Straight bets! if it was that easy on a consistent basis NO ONE would sell it
    also the ceiling is relatively low for these things – if your trying to make 100 to 500 a series its doable I suppose compared to other gimmicks that are even worse –
    BUT if your highly bankrolled its unrealistic to make large amounts of money with this system!
    *****edit – ok the system is as follows for MLB – its a revenge sweep series system – if Boston Sweeps Toronto in a 3 game or 4 game series – THE NEXT time they play a 3 or 4 game series you bet on Toronto – the goal is to only win ONE game of the series. If you win you take your money quit. Also noted is to buy +1.5 runs when your team is the underdog. I say this because Toronto was a series play on the weekend and they won because they only lost by 1 run
    i think other variables include not betting against teams on streaks of 8-2 or better L 10
    The problem for baseball is most teams are swept on the road and then play again at home – most teams are home favorites of -140 or more at home. chasing 3 games to win 1 unit. If you risk -140 in game 1 and lose, in game 2 at -140 again you got to risk about 350.00 to win back your 140 loss and make over 100 bucks profit. If you tank game 2 now in game 3 at roughly -140 again you must lay about 850.00 to win back your game 1 & 2 plus make at least 100.00 profit.
    so you see for baseball moneylines with the system your either taking favorites or if you take runline with +1.5 your almost always laying close to -140 or more as the juice for taking the run and a half is pretty insane!
    If it goes to game 3 – your risking too much to cover your losses and only make a marginal profit!
    Learn to handicap the games yourself – Morrison is HIGHLY dishonest – and he will recommend you go to certain sportsbooks that know his system and you pay even higher juice on those games!!!!!
    Morrison is a Marketing guru/tout – he is NOT a professional gambler!

  3. SpiderWeb Sports.com wrote
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    Simply put, it’s impossible. I’ve seen the ads for it, and I saw that he claimed to win 98 in a row at one point. I’ve been a professional handicapper for 3 years, and I can tell you that I’ve NEVER won more than 9 in a row.
    In a 100 game string, the most I’ve ever won is 72 games. That means that my BEST EVER performance over 100 games is 72%, while he claims to be 97% on AVERAGE.
    That being said, I don’t mind him too much. I would say that people who buy his system probably deserve to be ripped off.

  4. P?tsie wrote
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    It is crazy, and he is a liar. If he wins %97 of his bets…why sell the system? Why not simply play the picks? His system does work…for him. He makes money off of his loser plays. Unfortunately, the only ‚system’ that works is research, patience, and proper bankroll management. Stay away.

  5. Gambling wrote
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    If it was possible we would all be millionaires, its 100% impossible…
    Dont waste your money on false betting systems.

  6. Mick Shrimton wrote
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    Yep, it’s a chase system. Don’t waste your money.

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