Hello Football Fans, A Quick Poll: What Are Your Favorite Betting Sites (bet365, Bwin, Etc.) And Why?

Also do you know of any sites that have fantasy games (either free or not) that you can play competitively for prizes/cash?


  1. Laguna Beach wrote
    at 10:15 - 24th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    betus.com is a good one. I also use http://www.insidesportspicks.com to get historical information on spreads and covers. They are giving all pre-season picks for free, last night they killed it for me. Good Luck

  2. P?tsie wrote
    at 17:13 - 24th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    BetUS.com is a trash site filled with scams! Sadly, bet365 was just named in a scandal concerning their in-game plays. Apparently, they have reversed players’ wagers, and gave other players bad lines on purpose! I was shocked as I once liked playing there…no more. Check out the independent reviews at http://www.Sportsbook-Ratings.net to see an up to date list of my favorite sports betting sites, cheers.

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