How Can I Develope My Bussiness? I Have An Web Site And I Invested Almost All In This…?

We started this bussiness 5 months ago and I put all my money in it… I worked 24/7 since then, but still we don’t get much traffic. We love sports and decided to start this web-site with news and soccer tips, . I expected to make some money through traffic and ads, or maybe to find a sponsor. We are at the begining yet and could use any help now.

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  1. ash_m_79 wrote
    at 22:37 - 16th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Its a good site, well made. As a professional web master I would like to suggest you to make the site lighter. It is too heavy and takes a lot of time too load. Probably half of your users leave before the site is loaded fully. Invest in google adwords to generate traffic and google adsense to generate revenue. Search engine optimization can do wonders if you can make your site reach within the top 20. There are a lot more small details I would like to share with you but I do not have the time. Best of luck, may you succed in this venture.

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