How Can I Turn $6000 Into $9000 Over A Few Months?

Well, i’m wanting to buy a new motorbike which costs $6000, but that would mean leaving me without any savings – which I kinda need incase I lose my main income. So I would like to increase the amount of money I have so that I still have some money for a rainy day.
So what would be the best way to increase my money over time? Stock markets, betting on sporting teams which can’t lose, or what?


  1. jon s wrote
    at 17:10 - 25th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Go to a casino and bet it all on 31 black.
    Best of luck!

  2. PITT wrote
    at 18:30 - 25th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Buy the top selling goods on ebay and start selling them on ebay. You will make 9k in less than 3 months if you buy the right products.

  3. Alby wrote
    at 21:18 - 25th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Buy $6,000 worth of Cocaine. Then tell the DEA where to bust the local competition. Then resell it for $9,000

  4. Jake C wrote
    at 1:02 - 26th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    buy stocks. By low sell high.

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