How Long Can I Hold A Winning Betting Slip Before It Becomes Invalid?

Or is there no time scale?


  1. Brad K wrote
    at 4:51 - 1st Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    most sports books have a time limit, most are 60 days, i have seen as little as 30 days, and as much as 1 year. Most State lotteries are 1 year from the drawing date.
    Sports books and lotteries make millions of dollars from expired winning tickets

  2. whoo wrote
    at 10:27 - 1st Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    Depends where from I think. Each will have own regulations.
    I know the big lottos here have 1 year for claiming or it gets put back into the pot for someone else to win.

  3. thebeerm wrote
    at 14:54 - 1st Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    you can hold it for as long as you like, providing the firm doesn’t go out of buissness, then your slip is worthless!!

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