How Many People Believe That Ea Sports Madden 2010 Still Won’t Recognize Steelers As The Nfl Best Team?

I’m willing to bet anything. They’re going to do the Steelers the same way that they’ve always done on Madden NFL each year regardless if they’ve won a Super Bowl or not. In 2005, when they won that Super Bowl, they still had like 4 other teams better than the Steelers. Madden needs to acknoledge the Steelers and give them their damn respect. I’m a serious Steelers fan, and I’m serious when I play my Madden NFL, it’s o.k., if they don’t want to rate them as the best team. I’ll edit player, and MAKE THEM the best team in the league. Either way, I’ll have my way, and so will the Steelers, that’s why we won 6 NFL Super Bowl rings. Steelers haters! Oh, and to the guys who were playing Madden and loved the Cowboys so much that they were playing visiting Cowboys against home Cowboys, how crazy is that? Neither guy didn’t want to another team. That was mad crazy! Someone should’ve been a Steelers fan! LOL I Steelers verses the Cowboys, now that would’ve been a good game. We beat them too though this year! LOL! Go Steelers! I’m recruiting worldwide, trying to make it a what guys? A STEELER NATION! LOL


  1. Cory A wrote
    at 4:21 - 21st Luty 2010 Permalink

    The Steelers will be like the team they were this year. No run game, no really great receivers, no offensive line and an o.k quarterback. Madden goes by each position, and the steelers have a ton of weak guys. Also the refs won’t bail you out in the game like they did in the Superbowl.

  2. Mr. Right wrote
    at 6:48 - 21st Luty 2010 Permalink

    Cuz the best team doesn’t always win the Super Bowl. So why would a game that’s trying to accurately recreate the game automatically make the SB the best? That would be stupid. The Steelers aren’t the most talented team in the league and if the AFL wasn’t weakened by injuries I’d doubt they’d make the bowl. Enjoy your win but don’t overrate your team.

  3. Practice wrote
    at 12:03 - 21st Luty 2010 Permalink

    oh im sorry there not the best. there only number 2 aww. whats wrong, you cant an online game w/o the best team in the game? please i played the steelers online WITH THE CARDINALS AND KICKED THE **** OUTTA THEM. the fact is you suck at madden and you want them to be top rated even though it wont make a differnce cuz madden is a skill game, not the best team you use

  4. M O wrote
    at 13:35 - 21st Luty 2010 Permalink

    Steelers are not the best team in the NFL. Their offense is average to below average, and that is what drags them down. Just because they rode the defense to a title, does not mean they should automatically be „the best team”. Overall, player for player, Arizona is a better team then Pittsburgh. So is Dallas, New England, Indianapolis, and San Diego.
    The Steelers will probably have the number one defense next year, and they deserve that. There isnt a better total unit in the game. They are top 10 in talent at every position, including the best linebacking unit in the NFL.
    However, they are NOT the best overall team., player for player. That is what Madden measures. Until the game starts rating things like „team cohesion” and „fan base influence” and „affect of team leaders on team chemistry” and „team philosophy”, the Steelers will continue to be around 5th or 6th in the NFL, and thats where they should be.

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