How To Lose Belly Fat For A 14 Year Old Girl?

ok, my waist line is at 33.5 inches and it jiggles. im 14 5’4″ and from 115-120 lbs. bmi 20.3. i have no other „fat” on my body. what are some other ways to get rid of it that does not include crunchers/sit ups because i tried it and it does not work.
does drinking pop have anything to do with belly fat? my friend and i made a bet to each other that we would not drink pop until the last day of school in june.
I am not in any sports but i do walk about an extra mile almost every other than in school etc. please help i am desperate. i cant wear anything that is „body shaped” such as tshirts, dresses etc. the only thing that makes my jelly belly look semi normal are baggy sweat shirts.


  1. mary_not wrote
    at 6:14 - 3rd Luty 2010 Permalink

    set a goal to do two sets of 50X sit ups daily!
    however, start this at 20X, then 2 of 20 situps
    start off by walking, eventually throw in a jog.
    Work the jogging into more larger time spans
    set aside an hour for this
    start of doing this 2 times a week, in a month, make it 3x
    avoid deep fried / fatty foods
    eat salads
    watch ‚biggest loser’ and get a few ideas from them!
    and don’t worry about you not having your period as yet… should arrive this year (between August and September)

  2. Elizabeth L wrote
    at 7:38 - 3rd Luty 2010 Permalink

    You may need to add a mile or 2 to your workout. Situps are not really good ab exercises and neither are crunches. Crossovers work better to flatten the tummy……. Drink lots of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and don’t eat a lot of cheese products

  3. rob_hall wrote
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    Lose the pop, other than that, you are a normal person worrying about something that’s not very important. Keep up the walking, don’t worry at your age so much about calories in your food, but be aware of where the calories are coming from. Do you jump rope, it is excellent at burning calories and a great cardio workout. Avoid alcohol & tobacco. And if anyone is making you feel like your not good enough the way you are, lose them.

  4. AyeVivi wrote
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    Jog for 30 minutes a day, drink lots of water, and lay off the sweets!

  5. It Co$t To Be Around The Bo$$ wrote
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    Running. You can do thousands of sit ups/crunches but in order to see results you have to run try that.

  6. Icy Gazpacho wrote
    at 21:12 - 3rd Luty 2010 Permalink

    There is one healthy answer to losing belly fat (if you are generally healthy) and it is the same solution for a 50 year old… the difference is that a 14 year old has a very high metabolism (ability to convert food and fat into energy that your body can use) becuase you are growing.
    The healthy answer is… diet and exercise. When people say diet they think of not eating, or eating very little. Well that’s not what is required. You have to eat less than your body uses. This is an energy principal.
    In your family car, you put petrol in the tank, what petrol you don’t use driving around is stored in the tank… your bodies petrol tank just happens to be your waste line. There are different types of petrol for your body. Sugars (pop drink, candy .. you know… all that stuff you like which you know is junk) is like a high octane petrol. Sugar gives you a lot of energy for a small qauntity, … but when you eat sugars, it is as if your body’s tank guage is indicating that you are only half full, so you dont feel full and you therefore eat more…. That extra is energy which you don’t use while walking around so you store it up for the next day…
    To store it.. your body converts it to fat. Clearly, it is valuable to avoid high sugar foods, unless they are complex sugars like that found in apricots and other natural foods, especially fruit. You can avoid processed foods and take out all together… as they are usually full of trans fats (to help perserve them) … your body just stores those trans fat cells directly around your stomach and internal organs… it probably doesn’t even bother to try and convert them into energy.
    Now, to make sure you use up all your energy intake you need to exercise. Not necessarily by doing crunches, as you can’t select where the fat comes off by selectively exercising.
    Any exercise is good that increases your cardio capacity… that is your bodies ability to oxegenate blood and circulate that to your muscles. Try, for example, an exercise bike for 45 mins at a high intensity… every two days… and wear a heart monitor and keep the rate below 155bpm. Slow down to maintain that heart rate and stop if you have to. Don’t ever continue if you feel light headed. Do lots of this, or rowing, or swimming as you are young and your body will react postively, giving you a firm butt, sexxxxy legs and an enviously hot body… in no time flat. Your stats are relatively normal for your age by the way.. so you don’t have much work to do to get what you desire.
    It’s highly likely that your period will come soon. Don’t worry about that.. you are lucky it has taken a little longer.
    I’ll be looking out for you on the cat walk in a few years time.

  7. ABC wrote
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    dont worry too much its just baby fat. itll most likely go away, just watch ur diet.

  8. kaligirl wrote
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    20.3 is a perfectly normal BMI. Your body probably just hasn’t reached its womanly shape yet (have you started your period?) Laying off pop is a good idea, and you should limit sugar in general, and get some exercise that increases your heartrate. But don’t freak out about your belly. And don’t diet!!!Love your body as it is.

  9. Chance C wrote
    at 8:48 - 4th Luty 2010 Permalink

    i geuss you would just run and eat lots of fruits and dont eat after six-o-clock.

  10. CelticLe wrote
    at 10:42 - 4th Luty 2010 Permalink

    cut down on the sugar. Sugar is pure energy. if you dont use it, it turns into fat around your mid section.

  11. Renee wrote
    at 15:08 - 4th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Start excercising. And YES, soda is the MAIN cause for weight gain among adolecents. So, make healthier choices. Fruits veggies, lean meat. Go online and look around for how many calories are in your fave foods. It might surprise you. Don’t go on a diet. At your age you’re still developing and it can mess up metabolism and stuff. Just work out more. Also, at 14 your fine not having your period. Many people don’t get it till they’re 16.

  12. Anonim wrote
    at 20:08 - 4th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Avoid refined food and start regular weight-training and aerobic exercise.
    Pilates and yoga are other options.
    Refined food means: white sugar, refined rice or any refined food made with refined wheat ect.
    Start loving colors – Red Cabbage, berries and variety of raw vegetables.
    Learn about zero calorie food and add more of them to your food.
    Eat food contains omega 3 ( flax seed – Grind and refrigerate before using)
    Check you iron and vitamin D levels to cope with the excise / weight loss programmes. Keeping them at desired level is important for long term results.
    Yes it is good to think about belly fat and its detrimental effects.
    All the best.

  13. Donna D wrote
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    It is wrongly believed that can you can lose weight only in certain parts of the body. Some areas bulge or appear more fat due to the lack of muscles. More info at

  14. William W wrote
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    have a diet don’t eat to much(**)and eat healthy stuff

  15. Susan wrote
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    running and jogging work your core!

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