I Have This Boyfriend Thru Internet He Had Cheated On Me Several Times And He Is Into It Again. Wat Shall I Do

we are about to get married. he is about to see me this coming june.he was an exconvict. he is into gambling and has this bad attitude towards small and petty things. he said that he just wanted to be understood. i love him though he treats me like a doormat. i do really want our relationship to work out. please help me, im confused.


  1. aquaqwet wrote
    at 18:14 - 12th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    OK why do you love him again? Are U that desperate that your willing to be with someone that you have never met? Then you let him treat you badly. You need to boost your self esteem. Because it sounds to me like you need some self-love. Leave him alone. He’s a dirtbag. You need to meet men offline.

  2. Jimmy Sn. wrote
    at 19:23 - 12th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Marry him, but don’t have kids. The gene pool is already polluted enough.

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