I Lost A Bet To A Cheerleader What Should They Be Able To Do To Me?

I’m a guy. Should I have to look like a little cheerleader tart?
I lost a bet to a cheerleader and I asked on Y!A how do I get out of cheering in a uniform? Some guy said I should accept my fate and look like a little cheerleader tart. What should the cheerleaders be able to do to me?
About the bet: I said cheerleading isn’t a sport. One of them bet me in a basketball game and she won, so now they get to make me into a cheerleader any way they want.
The problem is we only have girls cheer here and the uniforms are little red and white outfits with tiny skirts. Should I have to wear that and be a cheerleader? If so for how long? And they have to wear that in school on game days so should I get an exception to that?


  1. Meilien wrote
    at 3:59 - 28th Luty 2010 Permalink

    You have a verbal contract. Technically, this is legally enforceable in many places. She could sue you to force you to do it.
    In reality this isn’t going to happen, but you need to be a man about it.
    You said that you’d do it so you should do it. If you don’t do it then your manhood is at stake, you’ll be a coward and a quitter.
    Just wear the uniform top with your gym shorts.
    Of course, if they want you to wear the whole uniform, then you can always get your revenge on them by wearing a thong underneath. That should gross them out.

  2. Julia wrote
    at 6:53 - 28th Luty 2010 Permalink

    You lost the bet & you should accept your fate, so go ahead and dress-up like a cheerleader & have fun doing it. You should dress-up like a tart and be a sexy cheerleader and spend the whole day at school dressed as a cheerleader & be a cheerleader for the game too. You should let the girls give you a total makeover & let them do your make-up, nails, hair & then dress you in lingerie, high heels or go-go boots & finally dress you in one of those cute little red and white cheerleader uniforms & after the game maybe you can get lucky too.

  3. Alison C wrote
    at 12:24 - 28th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Lol. Guys do cheerleading too! and you dont have to wear a mini skirt to be a cheerleader! look at this,
    this is how guy cheerleaders usually dress. In my opinion, it aint that bad!
    unless they just want to make a fool out of you and dress you up in a mini skirt.

  4. Ash O wrote
    at 18:47 - 28th Luty 2010 Permalink

    you don’t have to do anything. just tell them youre only gonna wear the top if theyre really pushy.
    mine please:

  5. been there done that wrote
    at 20:46 - 28th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Too many trolls „lost a bet” and have to dress up like girls. Be honest, you get off being told how to dress in drag.

  6. fcas80 wrote
    at 0:57 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    Well, you had better shave your legs pretty high up.
    You also need to think about a pair of panties that will hold your equipment in.

  7. ^.^ wrote
    at 2:17 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    pull her bleach blonde hair till she lets you out of the bet XD

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