I Need Ideas For A Website!?

I am very new to making websites but have the basics down (in html). I am not the most creative kid in the world, but given an idea, I can really work with it and take that idea as far as I want!
My question to you guys is: What could I base my website around? What can I name it? What is something interesting the site can involve?
In order for you guys to help me I’ll let you know my interests…
-Avid Sports fan
-Enjoy Videogames
-Love writing
-I love to participate or even host competitive events
I recently joined this website (www.centsports.com), and would like to do something similar with my site! It’s a very interactive Sports Betting site, however members dont pay a dime! It lets me express my competitive nature, bet on sports (which obviously i enjoy), and communicate with friends and other members. The system is remarkable, clean, and very creative…
So, any answers? They’d be greatly appreciated!


  1. bptunlim wrote
    at 17:26 - 14th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Are you looking to make money from this website or are you just creating it for the fun of it?
    If your creating it to make money, you may want to think about creating a product review site or article site, which you can post content to and promote affiliate products or create a newsletter for your subscribers with some betting tips or your picks of the week.
    If your creating it for the fun of it. Then the easiest thing to do is create a blog and post your thoughts, articles or other stuff you want to write about.
    2 things to consider. If your making the website for profits, then you have the drill down on your niche audience, what type of betting (which sports, or other, etc), and what will your site be providing? Information, advice, or products, products reviews etc.
    And secondly, make sure your domain name has your main keyword in it. Say your doing a site on basketball betting.
    Your domain should be something like basketball-bets-central or something like that.
    Hope this helps.

  2. sanaya t wrote
    at 19:46 - 14th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    my advice is make the website sosmething all age groups and diffrent people would like maybe u could make a site about diffrent sports teams book movies basically a reveiw site

  3. take a bow wrote
    at 20:54 - 14th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Just make a place with pokemon battles, a forum, live chat, and other things like that.

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