I Need To Make ?7000-8000 In 4 Months Ideas? Help!?

Ok, so due to personal circumstances and the really bad economy I’ve found myself in a pickle, I need money to pay for my education in august.
I’m a freelance sound engineer but work has dried up and getting an average job at this point wouldn’t generate the needed money in this time. (I’ve actually been trying since Jan but here in the UK the unemployment rate is so high that there are huge amounts of people for every open vacancy)
So I need ideas, I have 1k saved already so I either need another 7k from my own steam or 8k by investing the 1k I already have into something else.
* No gambling, I’m not stupid so no sketchy schemes either.
*No loans
* I’m not looking for a get rich the easy way type stuff, I AM ACTUALLY PREPARED TO WORK HARD FOR THIS (plus there’s no such thing as the former anyway)
* Regular jobs like I said are out of the question for reasons that they are very hard to obtain with my current skill set at the moment and everything under that pays too little to generate the money in the given time frame.
* I am extremely computer/internet literate however an idea doesn’t have to be based from home, I am willing to go out for whatever purposes.
There is also another avenue where I only need ?2200 by august, but an additional ?1800 every 3 months there after until the 8k is paid, however the money making post august could only be done part time.
Please let me know if you have any ideas, thank you.


  1. Max Power says relax wrote
    at 21:39 - 2nd Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Being totally realistic , if anyone new the answer to this one they would not be bothering answering , apart from selling something the only other avenue is working agency work 20 hrs a day in a crap position , any self employment business is a non starter because of the time frame , the only other option would be looking for an employer to sponsor you. Sign a contract and work for a very low wage ,doing a deal that they will pay for your study and you go back to work for them for a fixed period . Its become very tough out there in the past months ,but take solace in the fact that every one is in the same boat

  2. mark m wrote
    at 4:26 - 3rd Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    You are asking to much, especially these days, things are hard as you know, all I can say is work as much as you can and be lucky.

  3. Uddaaaz! wrote
    at 6:07 - 3rd Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Get a job that pays ?10/hour, and work 800 hours in the space of 4 months..
    = 50 hours per week
    = 10 hours per day (just week days)
    oooooh. maybe i didnt think that one through :P
    its an option

  4. John wrote
    at 12:10 - 3rd Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Visit the site below. You can earn a minimum of $50 (about ?33) a day and it’s FREE to join. I’ ve earned $1867 in TWO weeks.

  5. Anonim wrote
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    student loan from abbey

  6. Beth S wrote
    at 20:42 - 3rd Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    go work in a cannery in Alaska, Seward is one place…nasty work but pays.

  7. DS wrote
    at 21:22 - 3rd Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    This might help…http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com/

  8. sas? wrote
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  9. adacam wrote
    at 7:31 - 4th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    I agree that half decent jobs are difficult to get right now, but places like supermarkets, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants are always looking for people, because they have a fast turnover of casual staff.
    So, if you really are genuinely prepared to work yourself stupid for that money then get two, maybe even three crappy jobs, and work as many hours as you possibly can for the next four months washing dishes, stacking shelves and serving drinks (six or seven days a week, in the daytime and in the evening).
    You won’t be doing much sleeping or socialising for that four months, and you’ll probably come close to burning yourself out, but if that’s what it takes to pay for your education then I reckon it’s worth it.
    100 hours a week for four months at the minimum wage should to get you about ?7000, after tax. That’s a hell of a lot of hours, but it’s do-able, as long as it’s only temporary.
    One additional bonus is that this will look great on your CV in the future; „between April and August 2009 I found myself struggling to raise the funds for my future studies, largely as a result of the credit crunch. However I have always been absolutely passionate about the subject and was determined that nothing should get in the way of my education, so I took up three jobs and worked seven days a week to raise enough money to cover my tuition fees.”

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