I Need Websitye Ideas!?

I am very new to making websites but have the basics down (in html). I am not the most creative kid in the world, but given an idea, I can really work with it and take that idea as far as I want!
My question to you guys is: What could I base my website around? What can I name it? What is something interesting the site can involve?
In order for you guys to help me I’ll let you know my interests…
-Avid Sports fan
-Enjoy Videogames
-Love writing
-I love to participate or even host competitive events
I recently joined this website (www.centsports.com), and would like to do something similar with my site! It’s a very interactive Sports Betting site, however members dont pay a dime! It lets me express my competitive nature, bet on sports (which obviously i enjoy), and communicate with friends and other members. The system is remarkable, clean, and very creative…
So, any answers? They’d be greatly appreciated!


  1. Reg B wrote
    at 15:49 - 13th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Great Ideas come from tossing it around… Good move to ask other people… Sports seem to be your thing… I do a website on local sports in your area… Include video too…
    surf the web let people know where they can buy sports related things….
    Help me with a website so I can sell my cookbooks…
    e-mail me if you want to help…

  2. CuterTha wrote
    at 17:17 - 13th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    how do u make a website?
    is it free?

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