In Financial Spread Betting, What Happens When A Company’s Shares Are Suspended?

If I’m shorting the stock -when and at what price is the trade closed and are there additional risks I should be aware of?


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  2. raysor wrote
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    The providers normally email you a few days before the close of the bet (17th, I think) and remind you to close it on that day or roll it over at a concessionary rate. If you don’t tell them they will close it at the prevailing price. If the stock is suspended I don’t think it matters to them because they are not trading the stock, in fact they could still be making a price and taking bets while the stock is suspended, unlike the market where no dealings can take place. They may not show the price over the internet and you may have to telephone to deal. They may take a view of the possible outcome after the suspension, or other spreadbetters may, therefore the price may vary considerably. I have not experienced this happening therefore I am summising.

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