In Horse Racing Betting Does The Favourite Usually Get Shorter Odds Closer To The Race?

the serious money is coming in…..


  1. bwj1963 wrote
    at 12:02 - 16th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Watch for action on the toteboard as the horses load into the gate. Wiseguys want the best value for their money so they wait until the last minute. They don’t want uninformed bettors to bet their horses down, thus taking money from them if the horse does come in. In these cases, often the favorite’s price will increase.

  2. Anthony Z wrote
    at 14:10 - 16th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Sometimes it happens but sometimes an outsider will gain heavy backing a few minutes before the race.
    When the race actually starts, the initial favourite may in fact be second or third favourite.

  3. Hot Pies! wrote
    at 16:03 - 16th Luty 2010 Permalink

    No.. while the horses are the tote board closely..
    Any one of the horses can drop in price (odds)
    This is called „late money” and it usually is „smart money”

  4. mr.longs wrote
    at 17:03 - 16th Luty 2010 Permalink

    All depends how strongly fancied it is to win.How much money is bet on it.

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