In Vegas, Is There A Way To Bet Straight Up On A Football Game Winner, Without The Spread?

Like just picking a team to win, without the spread taking affect? I know you can do that in most of the other sports (baseball, hockey…)


  1. Nun Y wrote
    at 4:02 - 14th Luty 2010 Permalink

    sure, see Dave at Caesars sports book. the minimum is 10 grand and the max is unlimited. let’s say, yesterday you wanted the 49ers over the Vikings straight up. he takes the bet for me and sends a corporate jet. Minnesota was a 9 point favorite. I am fairly certain Keno has the highest casino advantage at 25%….taking a huge dog straight up comes in at over 99%. if you are willing to make such bets you get the emperors package comped!!!!!!!!

  2. Wylie Coyote wrote
    at 7:59 - 14th Luty 2010 Permalink

    If you play parlays, it is common to just have the winners in the parlay. My grandson played a 7 teamer 2 weeks ago, $100 paid $4000. His buddy played the same thing with the spread and lost. The moneyline is the way to go when playing parlays.

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