Internet Casino?

Are internet gambling games – blackjack poker even bingo – safe and secure? and what are the best sites for such activities?


  1. sandynli wrote
    at 14:02 - 2nd Październik 2009 Permalink

    Beware of traps involving „deposit bonuses” read the fine print on the wagering requirements or you may find yourself unable to cash out untill placing more bets you may not wish to make.
    security and internet casinos is a touchy area, triing to find one that has been around for a long time may be the simplest approach. has a section of their forums dedicated to online casinos and you may find information on the good ones and bad ones there.

  2. TinaS wrote
    at 20:55 - 2nd Październik 2009 Permalink

    I agree with sandynli. I would like to add my sister uses a prepaid visa card for security, she limits her self and if any one does get her card number it will have a limited amount of funds and this way she won’t get wiped out.

  3. Niki S wrote
    at 1:06 - 3rd Październik 2009 Permalink

    There are sites that are safe and secure and there are sites that are not. I am gambling since maybe 6 years and I’ve known both. I recommend you
    I gamble there since 2 years and I never had problems. This is one of the best gambling sites and they will never cheat because they are regulated externaly. They have fast payouts and everything that will comfort you.

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