Is Anyone Actually Gonna Bet For Sporting Lisbon To Go Through In The Champions League?

they got thrashed 5-0 by bayern munich at home yesterday – is anyone actually gonna bet that they progress? :D
…i was actually gonna put a quid on that for a laugh haha
but you never know!


  1. Jalapeno Farts wrote
    at 0:08 - 3rd Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Sporting is gonna be the first team to go down 10-0 on agg.

  2. F.C. Bayern wrote
    at 5:44 - 3rd Listopad 2009 Permalink

    I don’t think they will make it ;-)

  3. bernard m wrote
    at 7:58 - 3rd Listopad 2009 Permalink

    sporting will win 6-0

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