Is This The First Step To Gambling?

Hi im 15 years old and love sports and have been using for about a month now. Its a sports gambling website that u can bet on sports teams and not pay anything but win real money.
ive been going crazy with it and getting very angry with teams and i know it and kind of think its funny because i understand what gambling can do, and my brother sees it as well. i know that i may get in bad moods and be furous over some teams that i usually dont care about, but i think its funny that i get this way after.
i know i wont stop doinf this website, but im tihnking now that maybe i might get worse in the future.
please dont tell me to stop this cuz i seriously 100% gaurentee u i wont. Ive never been addicted to something in my life im just thinking maybe this is the first step to bad gambling habbits in the future.
just let me kno what u think.

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  1. Joe wrote
    at 14:00 - 23rd Luty 2010 Permalink

    The fact that it affects you in the way that it does IS rather worrisome.

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