Isn’t Betting Against The Arizona Cardinals The Scariest Bet In Sports Right Now?

They’re defying the odds at a greater rate than last year’s Giants. I wouldn’t bet against them at this point, AND I want Pittsburgh to lose.


  1. Mike C wrote
    at 18:04 - 2nd Październik 2009 Permalink

    Right now it is at a 6 point spread I think (For Pittsburgh). I too think that I may go with AZ not only for coming within 6 points but possibly the win.
    You are absolutely right on this one Rick!

  2. Ambassador # 07 WR wrote
    at 20:46 - 2nd Październik 2009 Permalink

    Here is a fact that many did not know. During the playoffs, the Cardinals defense has forced 12 turnovers. That is more than what the Steelers have done. The Cardinals defense has really stepped up in a big way and many of their opponents underestimated them. Although, the Steelers have the better drfense, the Cardinals have the better overall team.
    Thumbs up to those who agree.

  3. B_Wells wrote
    at 3:11 - 3rd Październik 2009 Permalink

    The Cards have covered the spread in every game at home this year except the San Fran & Minnesota games. Generally the Cards either cover or get blown out. If this game holds true to the previous playoff games late money will come in on the Cards, which means smart money, but who knows? Past performance does not necessarily indicate future performnce.
    Most of the books that I have seen have the Cards +7 with an over of 46.5.
    I had the Cards all year and all through the playoffs, but this game is too tough to call. Right now I’m leaning towards Pitt -7 & the under, but I’m not confident.

  4. Witness_ wrote
    at 6:52 - 3rd Październik 2009 Permalink

    Yeah it kinda depends on the spread. Pittsburgh should be favored rite?
    I would actually take the game over. ( Depending on the over ) If the over is less than 32 in a half, then I would bet it over.

  5. TexHabsf wrote
    at 10:57 - 3rd Październik 2009 Permalink

    Depends on the point spread and if you’re going with that or the over / under.
    They have definately surprised a few people, and I expect the SB to be close. But will they win? I guess we will find out Sunday ..

  6. thecoole wrote
    at 12:24 - 3rd Październik 2009 Permalink

    Any bet in sports is scary. Anything could happen at any time. I’ve seen manifestations of murphys law too many times in my life to bet on sports, Lol.

  7. Mr. ESPN wrote
    at 14:48 - 3rd Październik 2009 Permalink

    Depends on the spread, and also if the Cards pass to Fitz the whole game they will win. But the Steelers No. 1 Defense will win the Super Bowl.

  8. Tonya O wrote
    at 21:28 - 3rd Październik 2009 Permalink

    i don’t know this one yet

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