Matched Betting On Texas Hold ‚em Poker, Betfair?

Can anyone please advise us? We’ve been doing matched betting on texas hold ‚em via Betfair. We’ve run many tests with software etc, and also done 3 lots of our own hard cash, resulting in one day’s winnings over ?78, one lot breaking even and one of a loss of about ?35.
We’ve used quite complicated and tight rules at the beginning and were finding that hardly any hands were being played because it didn’t meet the criteria etc, so loosened up a bit and allowed for more hands to be played i.e. raising the initial lay odds limit and so on.
Our question is this, from those who have actually done matched betting on texas hold ‚em, not other sports – which do you think is the most important rule to not deviate from to allow greater ratio of wins? Is it keeping the lay odds as low as possible, or the number of outs above a certain number (currently we have it set to not play if less than 10 outs) and lastly, is it relevant to set a trigger to not play the favourite if it contains an Ace?
Also, has anybody found that the best time to play is on the weekend and not during the week days?
On our best day we had a hit rate of approx 82% but today this has gone out the window! Would really appreciate people’s thoughts on this, and if we have the basics correct on the whole and just need a little tweaking lol.
Many thanks :)

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  1. Vincenzo wrote
    at 9:15 - 10th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Matched bettor has to understand is the different between a ?back bet? and ?lay bet?. This is because most of the time matched betting is done by laying and backing the same result.
    Back betting is what familiar to almost everybody. Don?t let the terminology to confuse you. It?s just regular betting when you bet for example for a certain winner in a football match. When you think some result will occur, you make a back bet for it.
    Lay betting is a term people might not be so familiar with. When laying a bet you take a role of the bookmaker. In other words you sell a bet. When you lay you are betting for a certain result not to occur. Lay betting can be done through a betting exchange .The basic idea of matched betting is to bet on every possible outcome of a sport event in different sportsbooks. This way you can complete your wagering requirements without losing much (or any) balance in the process.

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