No More Bets Please.i Give You The Next President Of The United States Of America.?



  1. BrunoGio wrote
    at 21:04 - 7th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    I still can’t understand these people claiming Obama will hurt the nation economically. How sad! Can’t they see that that has already happened under Bush. Remember Bush ran the country out of money five times and without a rescue each time the government would have ceased to function. Five times Bush begged Congress to raise his borrowing limit and five times the Congress had no choice but to feed Bush’s money pit. Bush ran the country the same way he ran his businesses into the ground and required monetary input from the likes of Osama bin Ladden. (Gee, who’s hanging out with terrorists here?
    Obama will have one heck of a cleanup job ahead of him. But, he’s calm and a thinker and he will be the man to get the job done.
    Just think how much more each American owes because of Bush’s wild borrowing strategies (if they can be called that) The $700 billion will put more crippling debt upon each tax payer even though the money was created out of thin air by the bankers. The bankers didn’t have $700 billion. It is really false money, yet through National Reserve trickery we now owe the banks who failed us supremely as our pension funds fall, our costs rise and out debt rises.

  2. Firework Sam wrote
    at 2:56 - 8th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    I think the American elections are very interesting. I always thought of America, as being much more conservative, in their views, compared to the UK. Maybe times have changed.
    When he and Hilary Clinton were up against each other. I just had the feeling that the majority over there would not vote for a black man or a woman.
    He certainly has the looks and the charisma. I just wonder, that he will get in, because the American people, just like in Britain, would rather try any change than stick with the current party in power.

  3. curious wrote
    at 7:22 - 8th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    I live in Kenya (Obama’s roots and all that) and I truly wonder what’s going on in the most technically advanced country in the world? For the past several prior Presidential elections, the U.S. has thrown up (thats the right word) choices of two individuals each time, who you would’nt elect to govern your local lawn bowling club. The country is full of bright, experienced, patriotic achievers and it’s like „here have these two to choose from, the others are busy doing other things”! Sure Obama is the epitomy of the young bright Afro American and McCain is the American ‚War Hero’ (he got shot down bombing civilians) and languised in a North Vietnam jail for years….give him the medals bro!! His possible VP is a housewife with a rather terrifying CV. and the one that is probably most qualified to lead is Obama’s VP. But wha is Obama made of, surely thats the nity gritty question? We are talkin serious ‚Prime time’ here. … I have not answered your question, I stand back and watch and sure the bookies are always right!! Wonder what the odds would have been on a bet that Obama’s Granny’s house would be broken into here?….Yep, it was and now there are security all over the little village!!!…Hey ignore me, I’m just rambling!

  4. Bill wrote
    at 12:51 - 8th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    I’m afraid they’re right, why the republicans put up a loser like McCain I’ll never know. I truly believe that if Obama gets in, he’s going to make Bush look good. I see the end of our way of life, all because ppl are too lazy to do a little research. always thought the German ppl were very smart and they voted for Hitler who was going to give them change, well, they got it. God love ya.

  5. rollinwi wrote
    at 13:16 - 8th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    This Mama is for OBAMA!
    And its hard to say that beeing in the south and a christian…seems like everyone I go to church with is a republican…but Im sticking to the issues and NOT the party!
    Go OBAMA!

  6. djc1175 wrote
    at 15:12 - 8th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Unfortunately, I think they are right on.

  7. Pitt Reyes wrote
    at 18:41 - 8th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Mr. Barack Obama

  8. Anonim wrote
    at 23:46 - 8th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    They took me pot o’ gold! Seriously- they could have gotten it wrong, then what happens?

  9. Tomas wrote
    at 3:38 - 9th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Nice. I’d call it realistic.

  10. Lulu wrote
    at 9:23 - 9th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    dang it i missed it …need to see it, to see what the fuzz is about

  11. CJ wrote
    at 10:41 - 9th Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Right on! He’s my dude

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