Overall, What Is The Best Brand, Year, Sport That I Should Look For When Buying Cases Of Sports Cards?

I could research this by looking for odds for special cards for all kinds of boxes then compare what those cards sell for, mainly on ebay but someone probably knows. The casino was a big problem I had and I’ve not went for over a year but now I’m saving lots of money but want to „invest” what isn’t being saved in a fun hobby and collecting sports cards is what I did for a long time as a young man, early teens and before. So I’ve went on ebay, bought some packs, didn’t get much to be excited about and I’m just wondering if I’m going to spend a couple of hundred dollars on boxes/cases of cards every month or so, what would be my safest bet to get a great card (thousand dollars, two hundred dollars, anything substantial). I’ve decided that it’s more fun buying new cards than old because anything old that could be good is usually expensive. If you’re a dealer, reply with your info, maybe we can work out a deal since I’ll be buying often, on shipping/pricing. Thanks a lot.

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    If you are looking to buy boxes and cases that will eventually go up in value, I can recommend a few. If you don’t plan on opening these boxes, they are a good investment:
    Bowman Chrome Baseball (made by Topps)
    Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball
    Bowman’s Best Baseball
    Bowman Sterling Baseball
    Topps Allen & Ginter
    Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey
    Upper Deck Rookie Update Hockey
    2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Baseball
    Since 2001, every Bowman Chrome, Bowman DP & Prosp, Bowman’s Best Baseball product has gone up in value significantly in relation to what it cost upon release.
    And believe it or not Pokemon Boxes always go up in value!!
    If you are looking for products to open to get single cards, and money is no object, I would recommend:
    Playoff Absolute Memorabilia FB, BB
    Upper Deck Ultimate Collection BB, FB, HKY, BK
    Upper Deck Exquisite/The Cup HKY, FB, BK
    06/07 Upper Deck Chronology BK
    2007 Upper Deck Premier FB & BB
    Bowman Sterling FB, BB
    Leaf Certified Materials FB, BB
    Keep in mind that there are new releases every year from every manufacturer. Some years of the products listed above are better than others. But all will give you a shot at pulling some really rare, valuable cards. Or you may not get anything – it’s really like gambling. Generally, the more expensive the box, the greater your odds are of pulling low numbered Game-Used, Autographs etc.
    If you are looking for a place to buy cards at really good prices, try Dave and Adam’s Card World:http://www.dacardworld.com

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