Point Spread In Betting In Basketball. How Does It Work?

When the point spread says (-2 1/2) for a certain team and it says (click to bet on _______ to cover the point spread) what does it mean?


  1. dmackd wrote
    at 10:36 - 4th Luty 2010 Permalink

    say team A is -21/2 points favored over team B,if you bet team A you would give team B 21/2 points,for instance ,if the final score was team A100,team B 98, the score would be , with team B getting 2 1/2 points,TeamA 100, teamB,98 pplus the 2 1/2 points,100 1/2 points,so team B covered the spread,if the final score was teram A100 team B97, final as far betting goes ,Team A100 teamB99 1/2,so if you are betting, you can win the bet even if your team lose,s the game if you take the points.hope this answers your question,good luck.

  2. Sec222 wrote
    at 11:03 - 4th Luty 2010 Permalink

    If Memphis is favored by 2.5 over Kansas it means Memphis is the favorite so if you bet on Memphis -2.5 and they win the game by 2, then you lose. Whatever the final is you subtract 2.5 from Memphis or if you take Kansas you would add 2.5.

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