Poll Do You Think Pete Rose Should Be In The Hall Of Fame?

I do he should be in the Hall of Fame for what he did on the field they have criminals playing sports and Pete Rose bet on baseball which was wrong but he did not hurt anyone and should be in the Hall of Fame


  1. SlowwHan wrote
    at 22:31 - 28th Luty 2010 Permalink


  2. The Firebird wrote
    at 0:48 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    no doubt, if they want to keep him actively out of baseball, like coaching or managing, fine but to keep him out does more damage to the hall’s credibility, the all time hits leader not in? if being a really bag guy keeps you out of the hall then Ty Cobb has to go cause he was a racist old ba**ard.

  3. Thomas wrote
    at 2:35 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    he should be, yes. maybe if he gave a speech saying he was sorry for what he did, then maybe he would have been in it by now?

  4. Nathanie wrote
    at 7:30 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    Yes for being a great baseball play, good manager and a bad gambler

  5. Anonim wrote
    at 13:14 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    i agree with this opinion, put Rose in the Hall of Fame

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