Quick Jobs/good Places To Work…quick Ways To Make Some Cash?

I’m a senior in high school. My car just died so now I have to bum rides everywhere rather annoying. Anyways I’ve made a couple bucks through sports betting but not enough/to risky/ to get by. I’ve seriously applied to 10 stores handed in the applications and have heard nothing back. Where would good be a good place to look for work? I’ve even resorted to mcdonalds but haven’t heard a thing yet. I know im only in highschool but I have to pay for my Car, gas, now owe $400 on insurance and just had to cancel my phone because im out of money! Help lol!


  1. Jakki S wrote
    at 11:33 - 26th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    pizza delivery …. with tips its good money
    newspaper delivery

  2. Kay wrote
    at 13:28 - 26th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    If there was ways to make „quick” cash, wouldn’t we all be doing it instead of answering your question? What most of us do is to get a legitimate job, work hard and earn income to support ourselves.
    When you go to apply for a job in food industry, make sure you are very clean wearing clean and pressed clothes and with friendly smile. A manager in a place like McDonald’s is looking for a person who is good with general public and clean-cut appearance.
    Good luck!

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