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I Need To Make ?7000-8000 In 4 Months Ideas? Help!?

Ok, so due to personal circumstances and the really bad economy I’ve found myself in a pickle, I need money to pay for my education in august.
I’m a freelance sound engineer but work has dried up and getting an average job at this point wouldn’t generate the needed money in this time. (I’ve actually been trying since Jan but here in the UK the unemployment rate is so high that there are huge amounts of people for every open vacancy)
So I need ideas, I have 1k saved already so I either need another 7k from my own steam or 8k by investing the 1k I already have into something else.
* No gambling, I’m not stupid so no sketchy schemes either.
*No loans
* I’m not looking for a get rich the easy way type stuff, I AM ACTUALLY PREPARED TO WORK HARD FOR THIS (plus there’s no such thing as the former anyway)
* Regular jobs like I said are out of the question for reasons that they are very hard to obtain with my current skill set at the moment and everything under that pays too little to generate the money in the given time frame.
* I am extremely computer/internet literate however an idea doesn’t have to be based from home, I am willing to go out for whatever purposes.
There is also another avenue where I only need ?2200 by august, but an additional ?1800 every 3 months there after until the 8k is paid, however the money making post august could only be done part time.
Please let me know if you have any ideas, thank you.