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A Huge Problem In The Black Community No One Likes To Talk About?

The hole thug loving think is out of hand. Black girls(NOT ALL BLACK GIRLS FOR YOU PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SAY I DONT LOVE THUGS) but anyway to MANY black girls like thugs aka losers because it shows power but bad power but power none the less.We need positive black men in the medie that are not rappers or envolved in sports because young black men only want to became a athlete or a rappers NOT ALL. Ive been told im not black enough by black girls to become there boyfriend gasp big surprise! then people wonder why GOOD black men go to white women. So I say BET has to go it shows stereotypes of us that sadly i see alot out in public. Also stop trying to find scapegoats for our bad deeds! Yes othere races have bad deeds but im black so i dont care about what goes on in othere communities. SO how do we fix the bull???

What Do U Think About Lawn/indoor Bowls?? I Bet You All Think Its For Old People?? Its A Awesome Sport!?

Bowls is a awesome game that i have been playing for 8 years. I am now 18. There is so much to be acheived in the sport. I just wish even more people would take up the sport and more events were televised. Its also the most rewarding and best team sport i have ever played. To play at a high level in bowls is something so enjoyable. Why dont you lot give it a go and meet some of the local young players that play? But stick at it and you will enjoy it!

Michigan And Notre Dame? Is This The Loser Bowl We Are Talking About?

I just read the headline where Loyd Carr is saying that „if losing doesn’t hurt then you shouldn’t be at Michigan.” Gee thats funny because if my memory serves me right they are on a 4 game losing streak! So thats Michigan football huh? You have a stadium that seats over 100,000 fans and you get beat by a division formerly known as the Division 1-AA team then you get annihilated by an un-ranked Oregon team? I guess we all know now why Florida got the nod to play for the National Championship last year, and well you got sent straight to a USC *** whoopin’! People actually voted you guys pre-season number 5? I bet all the poll voters feel stupid now.
Then you all have this Mike Hart guy; „I guarantee we’ll win next week!” Umm who the hell do you think you are, Joe Namath? Dude, a high school team could beat NOTRankEd Dame
Yeah Michigan hasn’t won a game since Bo Schembechler passed away so says the sports writers; well spare us „the curse of the Bambino” plagiarism.

Is Anyone Else Curious About Water Sports Or Scat?

I Live in Columbus Ohio. I am a Str8 Single White Male
I am 31 5’9 160 Bln/Blu. I am very clean cut, Masculine and Laid Back.
When I was in College I seen 2 guys make a bet over an OSU V/S Michigan Game. The Looser of the bet had to allow the winner to give him Watersports and Scat.
It sounds Gross, but it was actually hot in a weird way
Ever Since then I have been Curious, but afraid to explore my curiosity.
I want to try this with another str8 male, and I would want to be on the receiving end if I did this.
Does this sound weird?
Is Anyone Else Curious?

Ny Sports Fans How About This ?

Lets have the dodgers move back to Brooklyn. They can build a stadum on the land that the Nets where going to use. Then You have the Mets move to LA. ( they have always just been a store brand version of the Yankees) and city field can be changed to a foot ball stadium ( should not be hard the out field is soooo big) and the Jets can play there. That way every one is happy. New York baseball fans who hate the yankees don’t have to deal with the Mets anymore and people in LA dont care weather they win or loose so they wont be that angry that the Mets never win. And then Joe Torry will do what casey stengel did and come from being a wining Yankee manager and going across town to help prop up the new ball club in NY. And the dodgers will be back in Brooklyn where they belong.
I’m sorry but the mets just fail in New York. When you look at NY baseball history the Dodgers Yankees and giants had a great rivalry. Now what is it. Apart from a Few years in the late 80s and one yaar in 69 the bets have just not been able to be good enough for a cross town rivalry with the Yankees.

Why Is Tiger Woods Life Being Talked About On Politcal Shows!!!??ugh You People?

How is it relevent to anything? Even the shows I like, Hannity,Rush, but even the liberal too and all the news channels, they are pissing me off, Oh my gosh, another ATHLETE CHEATS ON HIS WIFE..big deal? But everyone SWOOPS in like VULTURES ready to mouth off their opinion. But take a CHILL PILL, because honestly MOST MEN given his situation/opportunity of women would do the same thing…so shut up. Ya know, i heard tiger was actually kind of a sonbitch in real life…but i would TOTALLY make him my NEW favorite athlete(even though I only watch UFC) if he said „Okay, everybody shut up. Mind your own business. This has nothing to do with golf or politics” Just like Barry Bonds did when people flamed him about steroids and it was ALLL OVER the news, politcal shows . But he said „Everybody lies, y’all’ve lied. Go clean your own closet before you clean someone elses.” Hell, and Barrys thing actaully HAD TO DO with his sport. I wish tiger would man up and say something similar. BUT, because of PEOPLE like you,a nd all this media crap, hes taking an „break” from golf. Well i hope you SPORTS PEOPLE are happy! You made him quite because of all the ATTENTION and IMPORTANCE you give to SPORTS, ATHLETES, and there LIVES.
Why are we all getting self RIGHTIOUS about it and talking about how bad he is? There are PLENTY of people we can do that about, but people are so NOSEY and self rightious. I dont care if you have an opinion about what he did. It DOESNT MATTER retards!.
Whats that have to do with our ECONOMY and our relations with other countries? Nothin! I mean if they mentioned it for a couple minutes, ok fine maybe. But they TALLLLK and TALLK and JABBER about it!
AMERICANS are sport OBSESSESD, thats the problem! Get some perspective dumbies! Its a game, they are players, quite IDOLIZING THEM. YOU PEOPLE know who you are! You go to stupid games, have season seats that cost thousands of dollars, you trade time for having sex for „watching the game”(GAY!) you PANT your face like a CHILD, you throw TANTRUMS like a child when your stupid team LOSES. And why do you let yourself have such NEGATIVE emotions over a team just because they are from your state?! They GET TRADED anyway all the time, and were from DIFFERENT states to begin with anyway! They have NOTHING in common with you. Some of you morons even get TATTOOS of your team! LLAAAAME! Jeeez..GET A LIFE! Problem is you have a boring life and sports and other peoples lifes and sports are more interesting. I bet most of you CHOADS sit around and drink beer and do lame stuff like cook with your guy friends because your to afraid to go out and get laid . But is not just the guys, its the WOMEN too.
Now we live in a society where chicks are all into sports, and its THEM who are calling in on these talk shows alot, and giving their dumb opinions. They also LOVE saying how AWFUL Tiger is for doing that with all those women…BECAUSE they want to make him seem like a WORSE guy than he is..BECAUSE..they really know DEEP DOWN, that ANY MAN given that kind of OPPORTUNITY with women, WOULD TAKE IT!! Any that bothers the heck out of them.
But my main thing is you people are way to into sports…THEY DONT MATTER. They are for FUN. Quit obsessing about them and making them more important than what they are.

My Boyfriend Lied About His Age Any Advice??

I am 21 yrs old n he told me he was 25 yrs old but that was a lie one day he gave me his password n username to some sport betting site and i went and look at all his info and i found out he was 34 i asked him about it but he denied it and said he enter it in wrong…we been dating since june of 2008 and a couple days ago he had to turn himself into jail because he sold stolen guns and today i called her police department and i told them his name and what he was charged for and i found out he is really34

choosing skin care products

Did You Hear What Peyton Manning Told The Reporters About Eli?

Right after the game in the locker room, peyton says „i bet Eli didn’t tell y’all that during his off week, he went to cancun with lindsay lohan. And yes, i have photos”
ahhahahah peyton making fun of homo
Source :February 11 Issue of Sports Ilustrated

Can Anyone Tell Me About „sports Handicappers” ?

Seriously. If these „Handicappers” picks are so good, why dont they just play them themselves? Why do they need to sell them? Why do they need to waste $$ advertising, phone lines, websites and everything else they do? Wouldnt that money be better to BET these so called „SUPER PICKS” and make their $$ that way?
I think they only SELL these things to make money back if their picks lose. For example… They bet $1100 on the Cougars to win by 5pts, the Cougars only win by 3… BUT they sold 200 people this „pick” (cougars to win by 5) for $25 each… So instead of losing $1000, they only lost $600.. and if by chance the COUGARS WON, instead of winning $1000, they win the extra $500 for this „pick, Brining their profit up to $1500 on a $1100 bet. So am I right in my thinking? That these Handicappers are just taking advantage of people and either padding their losses or hugely padding their winnings?

Do College Football Fans Care About The Rampant Cheating By Their „student-atheletes”?

From no show jobs to academic fraud, everyone is doing it.
Check out this recent article:http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/ne?
Don’t get me wrong, I know that the rivalries are the best in sports, the sports betting is a lot of fun, but if it is purely entertainment for us, shouldn’t the players get paid like the administrators who are getting rich of their athletes? Scholarships are worth what, $20k-40k? They deserve to be paid more as they bring in so much more for the schools.
This excerpt is hilarious:
„AUBURN, Ala. ? The NCAA has determined that Auburn did not commit academic fraud in allowing (football players) to take courses that required little or no time in the classroom.”