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Is Horseback Riding (not Racing) Actually A Sport?

I dont think horseback riding is a sport. You sit on a horse, and so what? Horseback Racing I think is a sport because its racing, its been on ESPN, and people bet money on it. But anyway, I just think horseback riding is just kind of an aerobic excercise. Is it actually a sport?

If I Am In A Bond Fund, Is My Money Actually Buying Bonds Or Speculation Based On How Many People Are Betting?

that the funds virtual goals are going to make a profit?

Soccer Player Are Very Well-paid Nowadays. Where Does Their Salary Actually Come From ?

Where does their salary come from ?
– punter betting losses
– Paid by owner
– Paid by gambling house
– Paid by bookmaker ?

Is Anyone Actually Gonna Bet For Sporting Lisbon To Go Through In The Champions League?

they got thrashed 5-0 by bayern munich at home yesterday – is anyone actually gonna bet that they progress? :D
…i was actually gonna put a quid on that for a laugh haha
but you never know!

Are There Any Sites That I Can Use Taking Spreads On Sports, And Actually Get Money Back If I Win.?

I know some sites allow u to bet, but when u want to cash out they won’t send you a check. I’m looking to see if anyone has a legit site for gambling on sports games. Thanks

Can You Place Sports Bets In Vegas Without Actually Being There?

does the casinos offer call in service

Is There Any Sports Betting System Out There That Actually Works?

I’ve tried the system below for MLB and I’m up over $1350. I can hardly wait until the NFL really starts up. It was super easy to start and set up, and as I’m a student, the extra cash comes in handy. I may not even need to work part time this semester! You can see the system outlined at: http://1destiny4u.betsports.hop.clickbank.net/

Are There Any Other Sports Betting Sites That You Can Actually Win Money?

i use Centsports.com and freesportsbet.com and i am very active on both of them.
are there anyother legit sites that i can use.
**please do not tell me sportsbook.com, i have tried it, you have to put money in the account to start betting**