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I Really Need Some Horse Race Betting Info Help, Can You See In Advance, A Bracket, Or Who Is Racing Who?

im going to santa anita race track this saturday. i want to find online a bracket of who is racing who so I can look up their previous races myself. is this possible?

How Far In Advance Can I Bet On Boxing Matches In Vegas?

and do most sportsbooks take bets on any boxing match that would warrant a mention in upcoming fights on say ESPN or Sports Illustrated? I’m looking to fly into Vegas once every 1.5-2 months and place several bets at once…thanks in advance

What Are Some Good Poker Site With A Few Advance Player.?

Hi, I been playing poker at alot of site now, I am a beginner. Is there any good poker site with few advance player? In addition to that are there any poker site that allow me to bet on sports also?