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I Lost A Bet To Cheerleaders Last Year School Starts Again Soon Think They Forgot Over The Summer Or Will They

make me suffer? I said girls can’t beat guys in sports and cheerleading isn’t a sport.
The bet was if I beat a cheerleader in basketball she had to be my maid in school all through football season, but if she beat me, they got to make me cheer any way they want.
They dressed me up as a cheerleader made me do a cheer, but then they said since she had to be a maid if she lost, I should have to be a cheerleader for the same amount of time.
So do you think they’ll just forget or what do you think they’ll make me do for the bet if they don’t forget?

Are You Hesitant To Bet On Ufc Fights Again?

I was going to bet my friend $50 (2:1) odds on Machida winning yesterday and if I did so, I wouldn’t have accepted the money. Anyone who had money on Shogun I feel bad for you guys. Thats the problem with betting sports, sometimes judges and refs can really screw you over. That being said, this is one of the worst screwups I’ve ever seen in sports history.

Need Help Again With Viruses; Think I’ll Be Replacing My Computer…?

Antivirus 2010 system scan report.
Report generated 2009-02-06 22:37
Type Run type Name Details
Spyware C://windows/system32/iesetup.d? passwords from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook and other programs.
Adware autorun Zlob.PornAdvertiser.ba ? that displays pop-up/pop-under advertisements of pornographic or online gambling Web sites.
Spyware autorun Spyware.IMMonitor Prog? that can be used to monitor and record conversations in popular instant messaging applications.
Backdoor C://windows/system32/svchost.? IRC controlled backdoor that can be used to gain unauthorized access to a victim’s machine.
Trojan autorun Infostealer.Banker.E St? sensitive information from the infected computer (e.g. logins and passwords from online banking sessions).
Dialer C://windows/system32/cmdial32.d? Dialer that loads pornographic material. The url information shows Hardcore Pornographic pages.
Spyware autorun Spyware.KnownBadSites ? the Windows hosts file to redirect your browser to a malicious site when you try to access a valid site.
Trojan autorun Trojan.Tooso Trojan.Too? is a trojan which attempts to terminate and delete security related applications.
Trojan C://windows/system32/explorer.e? horse that gets access to e-mail accounts on the infected computer.
Trojan C://windows/system32/alg.exe Tr? program that can compromise your private information stored on the hard drive.
Rogue C://Program Files/TrustedAntivirus TrustedAntivirus ? corrupt and misleading anti-virus program that may be usually installed with the help of malcous Trojans and other malware
Rogue C://Program Files/SecurePCCleaner SecurePCCleaner Ro? Security Software: fake Security software that uses deceptive means for installation and purpose.
Trojan C://windows/system32/ Trojan.BA? Trojan has a malicious payload. It is a BAT file. It is 1129 bytes in size.
Spyware C://windows/system32/ Spyware.? designed to monitor user activity. May be used with or without consent.
Trojan C://windows/hidden/ Trojan.Clic? is an information stealing Trojan that masquerades as a legitimate system file so as to avoid detection and subsequent removal.
Dialer C://windows/hidden/ Dialer.Traf? is a premium-rate phone dialer that automatically invokes paid access to various porn-related Web sites.
Trojan hidden autorun Trojan.Poison.J Trojan.Poison.J is a key-logging Trojan for the Windows platform.
Adware Registry Adware.eXact.BargainBu? browser helper object that monitors internet browsing sessions in an attempt to redirect search queries and distribute unsolicited advertisements.
Worm C://windows/system32/ Win32.Delbo? is a worm and IRC backdoor that exploits system and software vulnerabilities in order to provide remote access to the host PC.
Worm C://windows/temp/ Win32.Sdbot.ADN? worm and IRC backdoor that exploits system and software vulnerabilities in order to provide unmitigated remote access to the host machine.
Trojan C://windows/ Trojan-Dropper.Win? Trojan is designed to install and launch other malicious programs on the victim machine without the knowledge or consent of the user.
Worm C://windows/temp/ Win32.Rbot.CBX ? worm and IRC backdoor that exploits system and software vulnerabilities in order to provide unmitigated remote access to the host machine.
Spyware autorun Win32.PerFiler Win32.P? is designed to retrieve and install files when executed. Win32.PerFiler is configured to download from either a designated web or FTP site.
Worm hidden autorun Win32.Miewer.a A Trojan Downloader that masquerades as a legitimate system file. Associated processes connect to the Internet to download additional malicious files
Trojan C://windows/ Trojan-Downloader.? Trojan downloads other files via the FTP protocol and launches them for execution on the victim machine without the user?s knowledge.
Worm autorun Win32.Peacomm.dam A Trojan Downloader that is spread as an attachment to emails with news headlines as the subject lines which downloads additional security threats.
Trojan C://windows/system/drivers/ Win? multi-component mass-mailing worm that downloads and executes files from the Internet.
Trojan C://windows/system/drivers/etc/? worm that opens an IRC back door on the infected host. It spreads by exploiting the Windows Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability.
Trojan C://windows/system/mui/ Trojan.? Microsoft Word macro virus that drops a trojan onto the infected host.
Trojan C://windows/system/mui/ Win32.C? is small Trojan downloader that downloads files and lowers security settings. It is spreading as an email attachment.
Worm C://windows/system/ Worm.Bagle.CP? is a „”Bagle”” mass-mai

For Men Again.. Would You Forgive Your Wife For Her Fault Just To Scrutinize What She Did?

My husband forgave me for going to casino without him knowing it. There was a time that he and I separated for 5 months and a sister ask me to come with her to casino just luck. Later on I admitted it to my husband when he came back. But now he said he will never forgive for what I did because he thinks I’m a compulsive gambler? He asked my answer a questionnaire from the internet regarding compulsive gambling, according to him the result was that I am a compulsive gambler.

I Have This Boyfriend Thru Internet He Had Cheated On Me Several Times And He Is Into It Again. Wat Shall I Do

we are about to get married. he is about to see me this coming june.he was an exconvict. he is into gambling and has this bad attitude towards small and petty things. he said that he just wanted to be understood. i love him though he treats me like a doormat. i do really want our relationship to work out. please help me, im confused.

Illegal Bookmakers ‚at It’ Again In Cricket?

It seems Aussie & Pakistani players have been approached by illegal bookmakers, as reported to ICC by the PCB & CA. Read the story link & give me your opinion on who is to blame?http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/c?

Is Obama Going To Make Internet Gambling Legal In The U.s. Again?

as long as he can tax it…. better lock the bedroom door… he may go after everything