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Why Is Every Investor In America Betting That Google Will Continue To Rise?

Even at their current price, it is trading at only 1.39 times the expected earnings over the next five years. This is an indication of a decent value, for a growing company.

Only In America…..?

only in America can can a convicted pedophile get less jail time than someone who killed dogs…..
Only in america can a ref who bets on sports get potentially more jail time than a convicted murderer….
and yet americans can slaughter innocent iraqi’s daily and claim a „moral” purpose.
I think I might understand what could cause a person to hate america…..

What Sport In Best Represents The United States Of America?


Was The Gop Making A Mistake Betting Against America?

Warren Buffet, one of America’s most successful (read: richest) gamblers has said on more than one occasion that „You can’t bet against America and win.” He said it again in the last day or two.
Is the GOP’s biggest mistake that they draped themselves in a paper mache flag, instead of a real one, the flag of our fathers, and bet against America (and its new leadership, the Obama administration)? Should they listen to the lessons of history, or failed partisans like Karl Rove?

How Many Americans Are Happy W/ Obama’s „all-in” Poker Stance W/ The Future Of America At Stake?

In poker, there’s a maneuver called „all-in,” in which a player pushes all his chips to the center of the table in one big bet.
By that standard, President Barack Obama is conducting an all-in presidency.
The big bet is Mr. Obama’s first budget, which he has spent this week selling hard, from closed rooms on Capitol Hill to open forums on the Internet. It’s an all-in policy statement.
The budget attempts to launch at the outset most of the big policy initiatives the president has in mind for his term. It has money for a new health plan, envisions a cap-and-trade system for limiting so-called greenhouse gases, invests big money in alternative energy, and continues the flow of dollars into education started in the economic-stimulus package.
Its sweep is striking, which cheers Obama partisans who want bold strokes. But it also is a real gamble. It has scared some important constituencies, including moderate Democrats who fear the deficits it could create, and business backers such as Warren Buffett, who worry its broad ambitions will divert attention from core economic problems. It has drawn new attention to deficits, united Republicans in opposition, and made it easier for critics to paint the president as a traditional big-spending liberal.

Is Betonmydime.com The New Wave For Legal Gambling In America?

This site gives you the play money to place bets on major sporting events and they pay real cash from the revenue they collect from their advertisers. This is like smoking without the nicotene…awesome idea.

No More Bets Please.i Give You The Next President Of The United States Of America.?



How Is America Viewed Around The World ?

I think that many of the McCain supporters don’t understand just how much other people in the world dislike america now. I don’t think they quite get how the „wormonger” image is viewed over seas.
Let me tell you this, on my island, anti-american sentiments have been increasing steadily since bush came into office.
Case in point, The USA vs Antigua on ther gambling issue.
Here the big USA, decides to take on Antigua and frighten them into shutting down thir internet gambling industry.
Imagine that, we are not talking about Jamaica, no a small island like antigua, and the US is trying to shut down their major industry because the US „says” it is illegal/ „unethical.
Eventually Antigua won their battle at the U.N. thank God.
Here’s another example; ALBA. Venezueala is offering us (some caribbean islands) a plan that will cheapen our oil. USA doesn’t like that and so sends ambassadors down to threaten us, saying this will „strain our relations”.
In effect the USA is telling us that we cannot have foreign relations with any country THEY don’t like.
This is B*llsh!t.
You see, we don’t like the idea of the US playing international police, butting into our lives everytime we try to do something to better ourselves.
Back to elections 2000, Bush came in with his „tough talk, let’s go to war” attitude. Then 911 occurs. Coincedence, maybe. However no one can deny that the problem of terrorism has been magnified ever since that d@mn man became US president.
We never had so many bomb threats in the Caribbean until Bush.
Do you remember the case where they arrested an terrorist in Trinidad!
Such things are supposed to be unheard of in these parts.
Something about George Bush’s foreign policy angers the peopel of the world, and I hope the next president stops this.
The last thing I want is to end up in a cross fire while I’m attending university.
I’d hate to think that if for some reason someone claiming to be from my island commits a terrorist act; that the USA will bomb my whole country first, and then try to investigate.
P.S. yahoo has a habit of breaking links, so i shortened them. you will have to paste it into the address bar.
On second thought, just google what i was talking about, the links seem to be too long.http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/08/22/b?http://www.jamestown.org/terrorism/news/?

One Tree Hill

Why Did Republicans Ban Internet Poker In America In 2006?

That’s pretty much the only reason I absolutely REFUSE to EVER vote for ANY Republican. In 2006, an effort led by GOP Senator Bill Frist and GOP Congressmen Jim Leach and Bob Goodlatte ended up basically banning internet poker for profit within the United States.
It’s a bit more complicated than that – I still play poker for money online from the US – but it is in a bizarre legal grey zone created by this disastrous GOP-sponsored bill.
To make matters worse, the Bush administration released a statement WELCOMING the legislation! Bush should have DENOUNCED it and refused to sign the port security bill to which it was attached.
The GOP still hasn’t explained why they went on jihad against online poker, nor have they apologized – thus, I still can’t support them no matter how much I hate 0bama.
Do any Republicans here have explanations/apologies? I still haven’t gotten a straight answer. It obviously wasn’t banned for moral reasons, since things like horse race gambling were specifically PROTECTED by the SAME LEGISLATION!

Why Is Football The Number One Sport In America If Basketball Is More Exciting?

I think it’s because football is the biggest betting sport- that’s all!