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How Far Does $400. American Dollars Go In Mexico?

I really want to know! $400 a week is a above average pay check for min. wage Americans, before taxes of course. The standard cost of living puts those drawing min. wage below poverty level in our country. But who cares? On $400 a week we’re expected to pay taxes, buy health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, renters insurance, tag and license our vehicles, pay the school system extra to get our high school kids to school and back
on the public school bus, extra for high school sports and band etc., pay our rent, pay our bills, feed our families, and continue to watch the cost of living rise. I’m ranting but hey, I’m mad as hell. I really want to know how much illegals can accomplish on 400 american dollars a week. I’ll almost bet they live better than I do and struggle less. I’m curious what the conversion rate is.

American Sports Double Standard???

Please tell me why we had a moment of silence for an NFL player whose history was marked with violence, guns, and drugs…but we skip the National Anthem for „time considerations”. How about a moment of silence for all the troops killed…bet most of them had better „histories” than Sean…..

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Why Do You Think That American National Sports Radio, Espn And Fox, Is Full Of Hockey Haters ?

The overnight guy Andrew is hard to take serious so I never listen to him anyways, but while I was waiting for the score updates he said he couldn’t respect a sport where the players wear ice skates. Is this kind of ignorance a badge of honor?
Rest of lineup don’t even try to learn about the sport. They fall back on old tired cliches of the sport.
Never mind the fact in markets that where always big Hockey has gotten greater ratings and attendance then the basketball team. Not to mention there are Hockey markets where people wouldn’t watch an NBA game if it was in their drive way.
Colin Cowherd on ESPN is another rabid Hockey Hater who thinks ESPN dropped the sport, because it is a dead sport. So that begs the question is Bowling taking the nation by storm or that ESPN made Arena Football so popular it had to shut down for the year or go into bankruptcy.
Lastly Mike Tirico and Scott Van Pelt have decided to just ignore the sport. Scott Van Pelt seems to think he’s too cool for school to be talking hockey. I bet if the New York Rangers where in the Stanley CUP he would be trying to jump on the band wagon. Because that’s all those ESPN guys seem to talk about 1994 and when Wayne Gretzky.

Why Are Canadian Flags Displayed In American (u.s.) Sports Arenas?

This is a bet and I believe it is because there is hockey played in these venues and it’s to salute the Canadian imports.

In American Football Betting, What Is A Spread?

I’ve seen people mention Steelers -6.5% What does that mean? I’ve put a bet on for the Steelers to win outright with it being tied at half time, I bet on soccer usually, so can someone explain how American football is usually bet as. Thanks!

What Is The Betting Format For American Jai-alai?

What can you wager on and what is structure of game?

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Can Someone Explain To Me How American Betting Lines Work?

ok these are the odds for UFC 100
Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir
Sportsbook.com Odds
* Lesnar (-215)
* Mir (+175)
Betus.com Odds
* Lesnar (-275)
* Mir (+190)
Georges St-Pierre vs. Thiago Alves
Sportsbook.com Odds
* St-Pierre (-290)
* Alves (+230)
Betus.com Odds
* St-Pierre (-300)
* Alves (+200)
Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping
Sportsbook.com Odds
* Henderson (-240)
* Bisping (+190)
Betus.com Odds
* Henderson (-300)
* Bisping (+200)
Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago
Sportsbook.com Odds
* Fitch (-365)
* Thiago (+285)
Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Alan Belcher
Sportsbook.com Odds
* Akiyama (-340)
* Belcher (+260)
Mark Coleman vs. Stephan Bonnar
Sportsbook.com Odds
* Coleman (+250)
* Bonnar (-325)
Mac Danzig vs. Jim Miller
Sportsbook.com Odds
* Danzig (+160)
* Miller (-200)
Jon Jones vs. Jake O?Brien
Sportsbook.com Odds
* Jones (-500)
* O?Brien (+300)
ive never done any sports betting before, can someone tell me what these odds mean?

American Sports Betting -mlb Etc?

Why is it that USA betting sites charge big fees when clients withdraw money from their betting a/cs?
UK bookies/exchanges usually have no charges eg back to credit/debit cards.
My encounter = ?63 for $5000 take out !

What Bookmakers Offer Over/under 1.5 European Football Odds And Accept American Residents ?

Try with the bookmakers listed here http://www.gamblingsafe.net/usa-friendly?
All of them are USA welcome and are class. I suggest you Bodog, I think they offer 1.5 over under