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Why Do Idiots Not Understand That Killing An Animal To Feed Your Family Is Different From Dog Fighting????????

Why do all these idiots in the news, I will refrain from pointing people out, think that there is no difference from killing and animal and feeding your family (hunting) and having two defenseless dogs fight till the death?????? Betting on dog fighting is not a sport and the $%^& that think it is are incompetent.

Dog Lovers, I Bet Greyhound Breeders Are More Guilty Of Animal Cruelty Than Dog Fighters?

You know greyhound racing is a somewhat popular sport and you know greyhound dog breeders do it for the money so they select the ones to keep and what do you think they do with the ones that don’t measure up. And worse, what do you think they do to the campions that win all the dog races after that dog gets older? I like animals but I really wonder if a dog is worth a man’s life?