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Anyone Tried The Pokerstars Bookie Out (pokerstarsbookie.com)?

I tried the free $1 12 MLB game Parlay but lost, only got 7 out of the 12 games. I communicated with them by e-mail, and they seem pretty cool. Seems like a good way to bet on sports. Has anyone done a real bet yet?

Is Anyone Else Curious About Water Sports Or Scat?

I Live in Columbus Ohio. I am a Str8 Single White Male
I am 31 5’9 160 Bln/Blu. I am very clean cut, Masculine and Laid Back.
When I was in College I seen 2 guys make a bet over an OSU V/S Michigan Game. The Looser of the bet had to allow the winner to give him Watersports and Scat.
It sounds Gross, but it was actually hot in a weird way
Ever Since then I have been Curious, but afraid to explore my curiosity.
I want to try this with another str8 male, and I would want to be on the receiving end if I did this.
Does this sound weird?
Is Anyone Else Curious?

Does Anyone Know That Website Where You Buy Shares Of Bets So It Works Like A Stock Market System.?

So a few months ago my brother made me checkout some site where they had bets and wages going on for social events. In these bets though you buy shares instead of a base „yes or no” they had things such as political agendas „will Barack close Guantanamo” to even sports wages „will the Red Sox win the world series”
If anyone knows what this site was called, I would highly appreciate it ty.

Anyone Has A Good Example That You Can Gamble You Soul And Lost It To Somebody Else?

Book, Document, Bible, Internet sites, Videos, anything!
The story is that my friend and I was talking about what is ammod made of so…….my friend said that it was a kind of nut that grow in shells but he was wrong and I was right, ammond is the core in abricots! But before all that happends, he said that he bet his life and everything plus soul that ammond does not come from abricot.
I won so….. does that mean I got his soul?
And can people buy/trade souls?
Cause I had trade 5% for a jew’s soul before. Does jews have souls?
Do you need to beleive God to have soul?
Is it considering a sin to get other people’s soul?
Cause man, If you can…………..I have fuuucking 4soul now.
Can you sell souls to the Devil?
Even though it’s not yours?
That would be fun!
Would it?
Would it considering a sin?

Can Anyone Tell Me About „sports Handicappers” ?

Seriously. If these „Handicappers” picks are so good, why dont they just play them themselves? Why do they need to sell them? Why do they need to waste $$ advertising, phone lines, websites and everything else they do? Wouldnt that money be better to BET these so called „SUPER PICKS” and make their $$ that way?
I think they only SELL these things to make money back if their picks lose. For example… They bet $1100 on the Cougars to win by 5pts, the Cougars only win by 3… BUT they sold 200 people this „pick” (cougars to win by 5) for $25 each… So instead of losing $1000, they only lost $600.. and if by chance the COUGARS WON, instead of winning $1000, they win the extra $500 for this „pick, Brining their profit up to $1500 on a $1100 bet. So am I right in my thinking? That these Handicappers are just taking advantage of people and either padding their losses or hugely padding their winnings?

Assuming The Superbowl Was Fixed, Does Anyone Know The Real Methods Used?

Sports betting Worldwide is estimated to be worth 600 billion per year at least, therefore there is tremendous incentive to manipulate outcomes of games. The desire has always been there, even well before the Chicago Black Sox scandal, but what has changed dramatically is the money involved and the technology available to manipulate people physically and mentally. Bribing refs (like in Italian soccer, the NBA, the Olympics) and blackmailing owners and players is still done, but not by the BIG BOYS, only by the small-time criminals for small time money. The BIG BOYS use other methods that have been in use since the 1960s, but now the devices are smaller and much more directive. Who has the best, most well thought out answer??? Hint: lose the rage and use your criminal minds…

Anyone Got Any Sheffield Utd Vs Middlesboro Betting Tips?

anyone give me a score to bet on todays game?

Does Anyone Know How To Play The Betting Game „hit Run Score” (not Sure Of The Name) At Mlb Ballparks?

I heard some people playing this at the A’s game where they were passing around a cup for each batter and putting money in as their batter struck out or grounded out. What’s this game called and how do you play?

Does Anyone Know Any Of The Developement Of Betting On Horse Racing?

i don’t know where to find anything about the above and the question doesnt really make sense to me cant anyone help???
I have to work on the Development Of Structures Of The Horse Industry And Its Impact On Legislations (the horse industry ive been told to do is Thoroughbred Racing)

Can Anyone Give Me Any Tips On Being Successful At Rugby League Betting?

Im not very good at rugby league betting