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Which Number Is Used More By Famuos Athletes (any Sport) 23 Or 24?

I have a bet going with a friend that 23 is used more but he insists that 24 is used more by well know famous athletes. If you could please give a few examples for your guess, ie. if you are saying that 23 is used more then give examples like Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Please try not to repeat names that others have given. Thanks for your help.

Are African Americans The Top Athletes In History?

i say its almost undeniable, at least in sports where speed is paramount. if you look at the worlds top sprint times, i bet 95 out of 100 are black athletes. look at the speed positions in the nfl. speed, and general leg explosiveness are gifts that make american blacks dominant in many sports. you cant teach world class speed

Are Footballers, Boxers, Basketballers And All Other Athletes Allowed To Bet On Themselves Or In Other Sports

To: HotShot,
The question here is one of integrity. Can you really trust an athlete who bets on sports other than his own? Most athletes say they don’t bet on sports, if you ask them. Most likely that athlete is betting on his own sport but through a friend or family member. Let me ask you this. If you were Mike Tyson (when he was the most feared boxer on the planet) and you knew for a fact that you were going to KO your opponent, wouldn’t you put a sizable bet on yourself? So, the way I see it is this. There’s nothing wrong with making some money for a hard days work. The problem is when you take money to lay like a dog.