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Are The Top Leaders In Your Company (employer) More Attractive Physically Than The Average Worker?

I read somewhere that most leaders are taller than the average person. Of course all of you will find exceptions but I bet that the average person is more likely to be less attractive than those who are in the executive suite in the office.
I suspect that most of the leaders of the Fortune 500 and other successful companies were part of a fraternity or sorority in college and most likely big men on campus. Many were also highly popular in sports and social activites. This helped them build self confidence and drive.
What is the link between looks, popularity and success in the world of business?

What’s The Average Limit Placed On Bets By Online Bookmakers?

And around how much do you have to win before they start closing your account down?
(And yes, I know betfair doesn’t close accounts. Thank you.)

What Is The Average Bet Amount For An Average Sports Gambler Within The Internet Sports Betting Website?

Is it around 5$, 10$, 20$, etc.