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What Can I Do To Draw My Husband Away From His Poker Game?

we used to hang out and had a very good relationship i thought because we were friends Untill he became obsessed with playing poker evernight is the same on the internet playing i watch movies alone go to bed before him alone. i told him if poker was a women he would have already left me. I joke but i’m sad because i would like to spend time with him i stopped sleeping with him because he only wants to be nice to me to get sex from me and right after he is back online i told him he would probably play poker and have sex w/me at the same time if he could. i don’t want to nag or be mean because i think he is addicted or just plain crazy at this point! and his desire to gamble has gotten even beyond his control. Any ideas how i can lure him away from playing nicely and try not to say sex stuff because i’m just not wanting that with him at this point since we don’t do anything together anymore i can’t just do that with out feeling used so any other good ideas ?Please help –

The Republicans And Democrats Want To Take Away Your Right To Gamble On The Internet. Should They?

Wayne Allyn Root, the Veep running with Bob Barr says.
*I support Internet Freedom. I support the legalization, regulation & taxation of Online Gaming (just like U.K.). Prohibition has been proven a failure. Let’s legalize, regulate and tax this growing industry- thereby bringing in billions of dollars in new tax revenues that we can use for deficit reduction, homeland security, or the war on terror.http://rootforamerica.com/home/wherestan?


Should The Government Take Away The Internet Privilege From Urban Cities Where Many Immoral People Live?

think about it, immoral urban cities residents are the ones keeping the filth on the internet alive. had it not been for those immoral people living in big cities, internet porn and gambling would have ceased to exist. not to mention that atheism would have been kept obscure and atheists would have stayed in their basements. the problem is that we as Christians try hard to navigate through this filth on the internet but every now and then one has to stumble on the disgusting things online. our children are being corrupted by this stuff.
just the other day our neighbor Judy—who is a God fearing Christian— was checking her e-mail when she clicked on the link a page containing beastiality popped up right in her face and her daughter was right there in the living room.
i think Urbanites should behave themselves and show some civility. why do we God fearing Christians have to deal with their immoral filth?!

Why Do Republicans Preach About The Importance Of Freedom But Then Take Away Our Freedom Of Internet Gambling?

It doesn’t make any sense. They always talk about how we are fighting for freedom but then they take all of ours away. Are they all just hypocritical idiots?