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Should Online Poker Be Banned?

The House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to ban online gambling including poker and casino games. However the same bill excluded online lotteries, horse racing, dog racing and various fantasy sports betting.
Given that an estimated 23 million Americans enjoy online poker, and in a recent poll 90% of Amerians do not think playing poker should be restricted, how do you feel about what our politicians are trying to do?
The new law will also force ISPs to disable hyper links to gambling web sites, which is technically pretty impossible. It will also allow for intrusive controls over what an American may use their bank accounts and credit cards for. In other words the government is deciding how you can spend your money.
This new law will cost the American tax payer $4.3Bn in lost revenue and will not protect anyone. Regulation and taxation is by far the better way to go. What do people think about this wholesale errosion of our rights as Americans?

Pete Rose Was Banned From Baseball Forever, Because He Gambled On His Sport, With No Proof That He Bet Against

his team or did anything to cheat the game. So what should be done with the steroid users?

Why Should Michael Vick Be Banned From Football?

I can certainly understand why Michael Vick is to face jail time for his actions. As illegal gambling is wrong. However, I do not see why he can’t go back to playing football as soon as he gets out of jail. I know that other leagues have set lifetime bans for people who engage in gambling. However, that was when wagers were being placed on the particular sport ing which the player was participating (i.e. Pete Rose betting on Baseball Games). Vick was placing bets on an entirely different sport which wasn’t even affiliated with the NFL. As such, I can see why illegal gambling should result in a suspension or even jail time, I can’t understand why a lifetime ban is in order.

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Is The Martingale Betting System Banned In Vegas Casinos? Specific To Roulette Tables.?

Not specifically, but the Casinos do have regulations in place that severely limit the effectiveness of the Martingale system (not that it’s all that smart to begin with). Most roulette tables have a minimum and a maximum bet that you are allowed to make, as well as a maximum payout. These three things make the Martingale system nearly impossible to profit from. It only takes a few losses before you run into the table maximum, which blows the central principle of the Martingale system out of the water.
Whether or not there is a max payout depends on the casino I guess, because I have seen some with a max payout as a way to control inside betting. If someone hits a straight up and a split bet (and yes, I’ve seen people do this) then you can win a lot of money on a single spin, so some roulette tables have a max payout per spin.

Online Gambling.. Should It Be Banned?

The online gambling casinos are misleading, unfair and are ripping people off in my opinion and there should be more controled and regulated. The Government should step in and make the public aware of excatly how addictive and dangerous online Casinos are. The online Casinos are raking in cash with misleading advertisements,enticing you into receiving huge bonuses.. That they never give out!!.. and they hound you to play with ongoing emails everyday to deposit.. this is not on I think it should be banned.. you will not win on the online Casinos.
They say you get a 97% return..in other words stake 40 and you could win 40.. if you loose it’s just a bad run of luck! nonsense, the machines are fixed and whatever you give them they will take it all in the end.. I am sickened by the behaviour of some of these online Bookmakers/Casinos

Should Match Officials Be Banned From Betting On The Outcome Of Sporting Events?

From what i’ve consistently seen so far this season, a fair few have had a wager on Liverpool FC winning the Premier League..

Why Is Gambling, Sports Betting Specifically, Banned (by And Large) By The Us Government?

The gaming lobby from Nevada and New Jersey are paying politicians to keep it out of everywhere else, so that people will have to travel to Nevada and New Jersey to do it.

Was Internet Gambling Banned In America?

US Outlaws Online Gambling
Posted: Monday October 2, 2006 at 2:20PM Eastern Time
In the closing hours of the US Congressional session on Friday, September 29, 2006 the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (H.R.4411.RH) was attached
to the Safe Port Act of 2006 H.R.4954.EAS.
To the surprise of many, the bill passed both the House and the Senate, and Bush is expected to sign it into law this week. This effectively outlaws online gambling in the US, by way of making it illegal for credit-card companies to collect payments for bets. The financial markets punished the stock of online gambling companies as some prepared to pull out of the US entirely.

Should Internet Gambling Be Banned?

i have debate on whether the internet gambling sites be strictly controlled by the government?
and i disagree with this statement, but i need information to backup my position, so can anyone help me?